Establishing Compatibility with a Long-term Nanny

July 17th, 2014 by

career nannyYou and your family will spend years with your long-term nanny. As your children grow, your nanny will become an integral part of their lives, and he or she will help care for them through some of the most significant milestones of being a kid. Knowing how to choose — and where to turn for help with your selection — can take the uncertainty out of selecting a career nanny to join your family.

The Career Nanny

Every family has unique nanny needs — one of the most important considerations is how long they would like assistance for. For some, a nanny will care for their children during the summer months, when parents need the assistance of a person to mind the kids while school is out. Others prefer a mother’s helper to give them a few hours to run errands or simply take personal time. Nannies who work in these capacities are often college students who want to earn money to help with their expenses.

Yet for many, a long-term nanny offers the security of a lasting bond which only comes with familiarity. These nannies have made caring for children and households their career. They have often secured schooling and training in child care, education, and first aid to better fulfill this role.

How to Choose

Knowing what you want, and what traits and skills are most valuable to you, will lay the groundwork for choosing a career nanny who will best fit into your family’s life. An open discussion between the primary caregivers in the home can help you identify your priorities. Consider the experience you would prefer your nanny possess, the age and maturity you hope for, and what level of education you would like your nanny to have.nanny agency

Background Checks and Interviews

A good household staffing agency will work with you to locate candidates who meet your criteria – the best agencies perform backgrounds checks on prospective nannies to ensure your family’s safety and confidence in your selection. Reference checks confirm your nanny’s experience, and give clues to their personality.

Interviews with your prospective nannies will help to provide a clear picture of the individual who would like to care for your children. Through these Q&A sessions, you will also have the opportunity to gain a sense of your nanny’s personality. Your impressions will give you an accurate sense of your family’s compatibility with potential candidates.

Using a Nanny Agency

Compatibility with a long-term nanny is a puzzle comprised of many pieces. A nanny’s experience, age, good references, and personality all fit together to create the picture of a happy family.  Our placement experts at Nanny Authority have the knowledge and tools to smooth the process of selecting a nanny. The support a nanny agency provides allows you to focus on the personal aspects of hiring a caregiver for your children. If you are looking to hire a nanny, please fill out our family application to begin the process, or contact us at the Nanny Authority for more information on how we can serve you. If you’re looking for a nanny agency to help you find a position, fill out our nanny application form.