How to Prepare for a Summer Nanny Job

March 24th, 2014 by

When the summer comes and school is out, many families are scrambling to secure high quality summer childcare. While summer daycare and camps are an option, many parents hate the idea of having their children confined to a building and rigid schedule, and would prefer to have their children cared for in their own home with the freedom to take full advantage of their time off from school.

Parents feel confident knowing that outside of a daycare or camp their children can take daytrips and engage in fun and age-appropriate activities with a trusted caregiver. For these parents, a temporary nanny during the summer months can be the perfect solution to their childcare dilemma.understanding summer nanny positions

Who Takes Summer Nanny Positions?

Because they are a temporary form of employment, summer nanny positions are a great opportunity for college students, teachers, or out-of-work career nannies to make extra income working over the summer. Although typically just a short-term position for two or three months, a summer nanny job may include traveling (perhaps even abroad), swimming, and a lot of fun outdoor activities with kids.

Be sure to share your willingness to travel, and that you have a passport. Emphasize that you are CPR/First Aid certified and if you like to swim — these requests are more likely to come up during the summer months. Don’t forget to research nearby activities, community pool schedules, and various programs that will be fun yet educational for the children you‘ll be caring for.

What Summer Nannies Should Expect

Similar to a full time career nanny, their summertime counterpart needs to provide a childcare resume along with reference contact information. You should also sign a work agreement that spells out what the working hours and regular schedule will be, hourly or salaried pay, and the typical job responsibilities. With a bit of preparation, you’ll feel confident and eager during the interview process and you’ll show the prospective family how amazing you are. After all, acing the interview is often the key to landing the job.

A summer nanny job will be a one-of-a-kind experience that can be overwhelming yet extremely rewarding. Besides, what other job can you get where there’s never a dull moment?

Don’t forget the sunblock!

If you’re trying to line up a summer nanny job in the coming months, or are a parent looking to interview qualified summer nannies, contact Nanny Authority online or call 877-466-2669. From screening to hiring, training and payment, Nanny Authority can help you with the entire process!