What is an Overnight Nanny?

March 17th, 2014 by

When speaking with new parents about the challenges of having a newborn, the first answer is usually “lack of sleep”.  After such a momentous event in their lives, reality sets in, and they need HELP!!  If the “bundle of joy” turns out to be more than one, then the exhaustion level is compounded!  As a baby nurse agency, we find hiring an overnight nanny is often an effective solution.Night nannies help babies and parents

Night Care for Babies and Young Children

Even as children become older, evening and night time can still be an issue, especially for dual working parents or parents of multiples and/or children who experience inconsistent sleep patterns. In the beginning, night nannies or night care specialists, as they are sometimes called, come in the evening and stay throughout the night until the baby’s first feeding in the morning.

This may be a luxury for some families, so if cost is a major consideration, then many families have the nanny come in during the week only if they are working, or maybe even two or three nights a week in order for the parents to catch up on their sleep.  If the mother is breast feeding, then the overnight nanny is there to offer her help and support, give her the encouragement she needs, and to help her with the diapering and swaddling of the child, as well as teach her sleep training techniques.

Night Nannies: The Perks

Night nannies experience a great sense of satisfaction in helping these families in the early stages of parenthood and seeing that they have had a positive impact on the families’ lives by the time they are no longer needed.  In the same vein, the nannies who care for older children at night due to work schedules of the parents (one or both parents travelling, adult vacations, etc) feel a great sense of accomplishment in keeping these children safe, happy and well-cared for in the absence of Mom and/or Dad.

At Nanny Authority, our expertise as a baby nurse agency allows us to advise you in all night nanny-related matters. If you think you have what it takes to become an overnight nanny, we welcome you to apply through Nanny Authority. And if you’re a sleep-deprived parent (or want to avoid becoming one), get in touch with us about fulfilling your overnight nanny needs.