Nanny Interview Questions

Nanny Interview Questions

Below are a sample of interview questions that nanny candidates will likely be asked by families. Take time to prepare thoughtful answers to ensure a successful interview.


  • How did you start working with children?
  • Have you worked with infants? Toddlers? School-aged children?
  • How long was your last nanny position? Why did you leave?
  • Are your CPR and infant first aid certificates up-to-date? If not, are you willing to renew them?
  • Have you ever traveled with a family? Domestic? International?
  • Are you flexible to travel with the family? If so, how often?
  • Are you flexible to live-in during the summers?
  • Do you swim?
  • Do you drive?


  • Do you keep a journal for the children in your charge? If not, would you be comfortable doing so?
  • How comfortable are you giving us daily reports about the child/children?
  • Are you comfortable emailing/texting?

Caring/Entertaining/Educating the Children

  • Do you have experience potty training?
  • Do you have experience transitioning children to solid foods?
  • Do you have experience teaching children numbers, letters, and colors?
  • Can you help with homework? If so, what subjects?
  • Do you read and sing to the children?
  • Do you play sports with the children?
  • Do you have any experience with arts and crafts projects?
  • Do you play any instruments? Can you teach our children those instruments?
  • Can you teach children another language?

Special Needs

  • Do you have experience caring for children on the Autism spectrum?
  • Do you have experience caring for children with language delays?
  • Do you have experience caring for children with physical impairments?
  • Do you have experience caring for children with allergies?
  • Do you have experience caring for children with diabetes?
  • Do you have experience caring for children with ADD/ADHD?

If the above questions have been asked and the nanny candidate is a possible contender, you may choose to discuss specific questions below as they relate to your family:

  • Discuss names, ages, and personality traits of the children.
  • Discuss any special needs the children may have.
  • Discuss the children’s educational and social goals.
  • What duties will be expected of the nanny in addition to childcare duties?
  • Who is responsible for purchasing children’s clothing, toys, and nursery supplies?
  • Is chauffeuring the child to and from activities part of the job? If a car is provided for the nanny, what are the policies on the use of the vehicle?
  • Are there any special dietary considerations for the child/family?
  • Who does the meal planning and cooking?
  • Be specific about light housekeeping duties for the nanny.
  • Are there any pets in the home? If yes, who is responsible for their care?
  • What are the parent’s expectations of the nanny’s role in the family?
  • Modes of discipline and parenting styles should be discussed.
  • Discuss parents’ occupations and work hours.
  • Do the parents work outside the home or maintain a home business?
  • Do the parents travel for business and will this require overtime and/or overnights for the nanny?
  • What are the hours and days of the position?
  • Discuss type of neighborhood and surrounding areas. Discuss what the home is like (size, formal, informal, etc.)
  • If the position is live-in, what are the accommodations? Where is the nanny’s room located in the house? Is there a private bathroom?
  • Is the family planning to relocate or move in the foreseeable future?
  • Is traveling with the family part of the job? Discuss how compensation will be handled if this includes overtime.
  • Will there be any temporary layoffs? (ex: parents go away with the child during regularly scheduled hours and do not need nanny’s services)
  • Discuss how job performance and evaluation will be done. Discuss when raise and bonuses can be expected.
  • What benefits are offered? (health insurance, vacation, paid holidays, etc.)
  • Which holidays will the nanny have off?
  • Are there any holidays when the nanny might be asked to work? If so, discuss overtime rate.
  • Discuss what other household help is employed in the home.
  • Is the former nanny available to speak to about this job?


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