Nanny Screening Process

Nanny Screening ProcessOur nanny placement services start with the most selective, thorough and detailed nanny screening. With our agency’s comprehensive Nanny/Family application and “Terms of Employment”, we are not only able to identify your requirements, but we also strive to exceed your expectations.


Our nanny screening includes verification of each nanny’s

  • Educational Background
  • Work History
  • Childcare Experience
  • Speak with Previous Employer, Teacher, and Other Personal References

How it Works

Once a job offer has been made The Nanny Authority initiates the following:

  • Criminal check in every state where the nanny has lived and worked over the past seven years
  • Nationwide motor vehicle check
  • Social security verification
  • National Sex Offender Registry check

Along with a resume, you may be furnished with a copy of each nanny candidate’s detailed written application, as well as a copy of each reference.

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