Nanny Screening Process

Our nanny placement services begin with the most selective, thorough, and detailed nanny screening. With our agency’s comprehensive Nanny/Family application and “Terms of Employment”, we are able to adeptly identify your requirements and support your family through the placement process. We strive to exceed your expectations at each step of the way.

Our nanny screening includes verification of each nanny’s:

  • Educational Background
  • Work History
  • Childcare Experience
  • Work and Personal References

How it Works

After we meet each candidate, we verify their work and education history by completing detailed reference phone calls. We then create a detailed resume for each candidate. You will be provided with that resume when a candidate is presented by a placement specialist. You are free to choose which candidates you would like to speak with on the phone, meet in person, and trial.

We are able to make notes from our reference calls available to you at any point in the process, and can connect you directly with past employers once you have met candidates in person and established mutual interest.

Once a job offer has been made, The Nanny Authority initiates the following checks on each candidate:

  • Criminal background checks in each state where the nanny has lived or worked over the past seven years
  • Social security verification
  • National Sex Offender Registry check
  • Nationwide driving record check, if your position requires driving

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