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The Best Choice; The Nanny Authority

slider-d-300x198The Nanny Authority is a fully comprehensive nanny placement service. Our thoroughly screened nannies and our unique placement process is guaranteed to make the experience of finding and hiring your nanny a stress free and successful one. Only 10-15% of those nannies who apply to The Nanny Authority are accepted for placement.

The Nanny Authority makes the process of sourcing a nanny easy and stress free. Our trained, professional nanny placement counselors start to work for you immediately upon receipt of your completed family application.

We will promptly coordinate an in person, phone, or Skype conference with you to review in depth all the details of your nanny requirements. You will receive a personal phone call to go over in depth all the details of your nanny requirements. Complete nanny applications with educational verification and essays written by each nanny will be forwarded to you by fax or email. Only those nannies who match your family’s specific criteria will be submitted to you for your consideration.

Our goal at The Nanny Authority as the premier nanny placement service, is to provide you with the most qualified nannies who will meet the distinct needs that you and your family are looking for.

Once you have received the nanny candidate’s resume and/or application and references, The Nanny Authority will then arrange for either an in person, phone or Skype interview. You will have the opportunity to discuss all the specific criteria of your position, question the nanny about their qualifications and invite her/him to ask questions about your requirements, your family, and your home, allowing both parties to go over all the aspects of the job. Our out-of-state candidates will be available for Skype interviews to help determine if there is serious interest on both sides before making arrangements to fly the candidate to your home. At that time, you may decide that a visit to your home would be the next step in the selection process. While there is no substitute for our proven match making ability to save you time and expense, The Nanny Authority utilizes all tools available ensuring a successful nanny placement.