Salaries & Benefits

Salaries & Benefits

  • Salaries range from $600-2000 per week, or more, depending on your experience, education and other qualifications.
  • Free room and board, private room, 2 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays, use of a car and travel.
  • You will be respected as a professional! A comprehensive written “Terms of Employment” agreement, which outlines hours, duties, salary, living accommodations, car use etc. This agreement is signed by your employer and reviewed by you prior to you starting your position.
  • Information about health insurance. (Many families contribute to the cost)
  • When you begin your new position you will receive a welcome package that includes planning, scheduling, tips, guides and more.


“Personal Career Advisors” are available to guide you to the appropriate position unique to your needs. Your Personal Career Advisor will establish a relationship with you that will last long after your search for the right family has concluded. They will assist you in resolving any current or future job-related issues. You can reach us any time Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Eastern Standard Time and be assured that you will be answered by a live staff member, not an automatic response system or voicemail service.

Room and Board

All live-in nannies are provided with room and board. A separate bedroom, and many times a separate bathroom, will ensure privacy for each nanny.

Salary and Benefits

Nannies can earn a salary ranging from 30K-100K, depending upon experience, education and flexibility of the nanny. All compensation packages must be agreed upon between nanny and family, including gross pay, tax withholding, overtime, vacation/personal time off and health insurance. The Nanny Authority will assist the nanny and the family in the negotiations, and will be there for both parties during the entire process.

Transportation Expenses should be discussed. Families typically pay for the nanny’s airfare if she is not local, as well as pay for the nanny’s flight home after one year or more of employment.

Work Schedule

A typical work schedule for nannies is Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday. All nannies are given 2 days off per week. Some families require alternative days off, and this should be discussed prior to the nanny accepting a job offer.


A nanny can expect to work 45-60 hours per week and additional hours should be compensated in time or money. Nannies should receive major holidays off with pay, and 1-2 weeks paid vacation. Usually vacations are taken after 6 months of employment at the employer’s convenience.

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