Salaries & Benefits

Salaries vary depending upon your particular skills, experience, and education. Most full-time nannies can expect to earn a salary beginning at 55k, and ranging up to 150k+ with exceptional education and experience. Most part-time nannies can expect to earn an hourly rate ranging from $25-$50/hour. All salaries must be agreed upon between nanny and family, including details about taxes, health insurance, etc. Some families contribute to, or pay in full, the cost of their nanny’s healthcare coverage. Families living in major cities may also include an unlimited MetroCard (or other public transit pass).

You will be respected as a professional! A comprehensive written “Terms of Employment” agreement, which outlines hours, duties, salary, living accommodations (if living in), car use (if necessary), etc. This agreement is signed by yourself and your employer, and reviewed by you prior to your first day of work.

What must families provide for a nanny?

  • If living in, private room and board, including private bath
  • Two consecutive days off per week
  • Paid holidays, and two weeks of paid vacation per year
  • Use of vehicle, if driving is required
  • Home environment free of all safety and health hazards
  • Accurate and detailed description of duties and responsibilities

Transportation expenses should also be discussed. Families pay for the nanny’s airfare to their home if a candidate is relocating for a position. Also, families must pay for the nanny’s flight home after 1 year of employment.

Work Schedule

A typical work schedule for nannies is Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday. All nannies are given 2 days off per week, and those days must be consecutive. Some families require alternative days off, and this should be discussed prior to the nanny accepting a job offer. Families generally expect nannies to work 45-60 hours per week. Nannies typically receive major holidays off with pay and two weeks of paid vacation per year, beginning after 6 months of employment at the employer’s convenience

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