Why Use An Agency?

We often hear the question, what is the benefit of using an agency to search for a new household staff member? We’re happy to share that there are many benefits, some of which are included below.

1) Professional Screening and Thorough Reference Checking
When you open your search with the Nanny Authority, you can be confident in knowing that we screen all references thoroughly. One of our professionally-trained placement specialists speaks personally with each reference, and a copy of all references will be provided to the family.

Each nanny who registers with our agency must provide us with a complete and chronological history of their employment, without any unexplained gaps.

2) Years of Experience and Knowledge in the Nanny Industry
The staff at the Nanny Authority has over 75 years of combined experience in our industry. Your family will always be in contact with a professional counselor who is sensitive to your needs. Our placement specialists will identify and present only candidates who meet your family’s specific criteria.

3) Step-by-Step Guidance throughout the Hiring Process
Unlike general web services, our agency provides our clients with personalized guidance through all of the phases of the placement process. Our staff is in constant contact with both the nanny candidates and the families to assist with interview, trial, and flight (if necessary) scheduling and giving valuable feedback to all parties after meetings have taken place. We are also able to assist with identifying appropriate salaries.

4) Our Unique “Terms of Employment”
Our “Terms of Employment” agreement was created to outline the specific aspects of each nanny position. Many of our clients use this agreement as a contract between the nanny and the family. The “terms of employment” agreement is designed to ensure that the expectations and parameters of the position are completely clear to everyone involved. It details, among other things, days off, vacation time, car use, health insurance coverage, and tax information, and it can be easily customized to suit your family’s job and needs.

5) Support to Both Families and Nannies
Our trained staff of professionals is always available to assist with any concerns that may arise during the placement process. If the family or nanny has any questions, they may contact us at any time during the course of employment. At the Nanny Authority, we strive to maintain our goal of achieving the highest success rate within the nanny/family relationship.

6) Background Checks
Online listing sites, by their very structure, are unable to thoroughly screen candidates. Online databases have no barriers to entry. Anyone can post their profile and present themselves as an experienced and qualified caregiver. The websites merely list available jobs and caregivers and then offer an a la carte background check. Many online sites advertise “National Criminal Checks,” which can be very misleading. These checks will often come back as “clear” if a person was convicted of a crime but not imprisoned, or if they served time in county jail rather than a penitentiary. Therefore, depending on the state, a county-by-county or statewide criminal check should also be done where the nanny has been shown to reside or work. We perform the appropriate state-wide and county-specific background checks once an employment offer is made, including driving checks if your family’s position requires a driver.

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