Creating a Nanny Daily Log

March 10th, 2014 by

Using a Daily Baby LogAs I’m sure all you nannies and parents out there are already well aware, taking care of children is rewarding but challenging work. The range of responsibilities that are faced on a daily basis are all the more demanding of your attention because another human’s wellbeing is on the line. Here at Nanny Authority, we understand these unique challenges and feel that it’s important to streamline the process wherever possible. That’s why today we’re covering the concept of using a nanny daily log.

What is a Nanny Log?

A “nanny log” or “daily baby log” is an easy and effective way to monitor the daily activities and behavior of a young child – by writing these observations down in an organized way, you ensure that important details don’t slip through the cracks. A typical nanny log may include:

  • Feeding information, including what time a child was fed, what they were fed, and any medicine that may have been administered
  • A record of diaper changing or potty time information
  • Information regarding if/when a child napped or was bathed.
  • Supplementary details on the day’s activities
  • Any physical concerns or observations (such as a cough or rash, etc.)
  • An estimation of the child’s general mood over the course of the day.

Why Use a Daily Baby Log?

As a nanny, it might seem like a bit of work to keep up a nanny daily log. And as a parent, it might even seem a bit overbearing to make your nanny document these types of things. But when you actually put a nanny log into action, its benefits will very quickly make themselves clear. Using a log ensures that everyone stays on the same page as far as care goes. It will also help you to better understand your child — their preferences, progress, growth and development.

When a nanny and parent have both finished a long day at work, a log shortens the process of transferring responsibility while still ensuring that all parties are on the same page. Instead of having to remember and recount an entire day’s events upon the arrival of a parent, the nanny will have already documented them beforehand. This template provides a handy and instructive nanny daily log that may be a good starting place for many families. Once you institute a nanny log, and keep it in a highly trafficked area like a kitchen or front room, completing it daily will become a habit with very positive results!

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