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At Nanny Authority, the health, safety, and wellbeing of our community is our top priority. As we all continue to monitor the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), we have taken numerous steps to be extra vigilant. While all of our offices are physically closed during this time, we remain fully operational and open for business, with staff available remotely to help in any way we can. Furthermore, we are asking clients and candidates to utilize virtual means of interviewing whenever possible, to limit the risk of exposure. If you have any questions, please contact us here for direct assistance on this topic.


Elite Nanny Agency & Transitioning of Child-Care Responsibilities

Professional Nanny Services

Discovering a trustworthy elite nanny agency to help find the ideal nanny candidate to care for your child, eases stress and provides peace of mind. Utilizing professional services from a reputable agency with industry experience will allow you to be confident in your nanny choice. Agencies conduct in-depth interview, run comprehensive background checks, and contact references to give you peace of mind that your child is in good hands. However, when children are faced with a change in caregivers, they may not share your same confidence.

Changes in life and circumstance often leave children unsettled. You can help to minimize your child’s feelings of uncertainty by partnering with an elite nanny agency who trains their staff with these types of situations. You will give your nanny the best chance for a successful transition, if you have an effective plan in place.

Professional Nanny Services to Help Smooth Childcare Transitions

Maintain the typical daily schedule. Professional nanny services and the nannies they work with understand the importance of a steady schedule. Children flourish when they have consistency in their daily routines. Be certain your nanny knows the schedule your child keeps. If your child needs a nap at the same time every day, or eats a snack while reading a book, he or she will feel better if the nanny maintains that routine.

Provide your nanny the information she or he needs. Make a list of your child’s medications, as well as any allergies he or she may have. A list of emergency contacts are also important. Knowledge about the child’s habits, personality traits, fears, favorite activities, likes and dislikes will help your nanny meet your child’s needs.

Provide your child with the information she or he needs, too. Sudden, unexpected changes may make children feel insecure. Keep your child in the loop when it comes to when and how their usual routine will change. Tell him or her about the new person that will join their life, and how their new nanny enjoys arts and crafts, reading, outdoor activities, etc.

Allow for overlap. Ask your nanny to shadow you or the former nanny for a few days, so he or she can learn the child’s routines firsthand. This also serves as a useful introduction for your child. Your child may feel more confident about making a new friend if the parents or old nanny are around.

Involve your child in the process of bringing in a new nanny. Ask your child to paint or draw a welcome sign for the new nanny. Have your little one pick out favorite books for his or her new nanny to read. If your child would like to introduce a new nanny to a favorite stuffed toy or doll, let your nanny know this is a special object, and to act accordingly.

Plan interesting activities for the first few days. The initial days when a nanny takes over the childcare responsibilities can be the most difficult. Professional nannies know that fun outings or interesting projects can keep your child active and engaged, without time to dwell on the change. Museum trips, picnics in the local park, or visits to a favorite ice cream shop can turn the experience into a positive one.

The Nanny Authority, an elite nanny agency, can help you find professional nannies that hold the tools necessary to ease childcare transitions. Call us at (973) 466-2669 or contact us online for more information. The Nanny Authority’s blog also has a lot of useful information for the parents/care-givers of little ones.