Live In Nanny Services for Summertime Help

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Household Staffing ServicesThe right live in nanny can contribute to a fun and engaging summer for your children. While many people associate the summertime with a break in the school schedule, others recognize it as a unique opportunity to supplement their child’s education with adventures they will remember for a lifetime. Vacations, travel, and time spent with family provide valuable life experiences that no classroom can match.

Summer can also mean an increase in social commitments for adults. An experienced live in summer nanny can help parents ensure their children participate in enriching activities all summer long. Summer nannies provide that extra set of hands to not only care for the children, but to also plan engaging and educational activities. With the help of a live-in summer nanny, you will be able to enjoy your summer social calendar and ensure that your children are learning, growing, and having fun!

Keeping Young Minds Learning with the Help of Household Staffing Services

Studies present a compelling picture regarding the loss of skills and information in children when school is out of session. Maintaining a constant flow of practice for math, reading, and other scholastic activities helps to keep a child’s mind fresh with the knowledge they learned throughout the year. Working parents, or parents with busy social calendars, may find they have fewer chances to assist their child with such practice. In this case, a summer live in nanny can be an invaluable resource.

Family Time Made Easier

Summer and vacations are not only for the children. Parents need the chance to unwind and reconnect with families and friends as much as they need the special moments spent with their children. Yet they may feel twinges of conscience about taking time for themselves while their children are left to entertain themselves. Parents feel more at ease leaving their children with a cultured and seasoned summer nanny. Having a dedicated professional to care for children relieves pressure on parents, and young people will enjoy having a new member of the family to spend time with. Nannies can make vacations more relaxing for everyone involved.

Find Your Perfect Live in Nanny Today!

The Nanny Authority can help you locate the perfect person to fill your live in nanny position or summertime household staffing professional. We are experts in bringing families and caregivers together for both full time and summertime childcare positions. Please call us at (973) 466-2669 or contact us online for more information!