What to Consider When Looking for a Nanny?

June 16th, 2015 by

When Looking for a Nanny?

Looking for a nanny can be a long and arduous process, especially when considering the important role a nanny will play in your family’s life. We teach our children about the potential dangers presented by strangers as part of growing up. Yet when parents search for a nanny to care for their little ones, the lesson hits very close to home. Trusting a stranger to care for children is one of the most stressful decisions a parent can make, as well as one of the most significant in your child’s development. A partnership with a reputable nanny placement agency takes much of the worry out of the hiring process as these agencies offer expertise and knowledge gained through years of experience. These agencies provide peace of mind by thoroughly screening candidates by conducting in depth reference checks and running background reports.

A Word about Background Checks

While official background checks have become a standard in modern nanny hiring practices, it is still important to be clear on how you intend to utilize them, as well as which checks you plan to run. A prospective nanny’s willingness to take part in these screenings is the first indication of their trustworthiness. By the same token, nannies appreciate the sign of a position’s legitimacy. An employer intent on performing a screening takes the position seriously.

Common background checks include:
• Social security Verification
• Nationwide Criminal
• National Sex Offender Registry
• Motor Vehicle Records
• Credit History
• Educational Background

A Word about References and Other Screening Tools

Parents will want to gather all available information on their prospective nannies. Each candidate should provide references and a list of past employment. Speaking to references can deepen the overall perception of a nanny’s abilities and personality. Previous employers can provide important insights into an applicant’s work ethic.
Also, many placement agencies and families utilize online sources to aid in their screening process. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and a basic name query on a search engine can provide insightful information on a potential candidate.

Screened Nanny Services with the Help of Industry Leaders in Domestic Staffing

Utilizing screened nanny services, such as the Nanny Authority, can take pressure off of busy parents. Domestic employment agencies can provide comprehensive background checks to ensure the safety and suitability of your future caregiver. The expertise a professional agency brings to the hiring process adds an additional layer of safety when looking for a nanny to fill a domestic void within your household.

A screened nanny service can collect all requisite information and compare it to a family’s list of requirements, such as desired level of education, employment history, and sterling references. Because nanny agencies are familiar with the process of navigating the maze of official background checks, the process will go more smoothly and quickly. This way, a family can concentrate on locating a nanny with a compatible personality and skill set, and not be bogged down by the screening process.

The Nanny Authority takes the safety of your children seriously. Our nanny screening process is designed to give you peace of mind as you make a significant decision in your family’s life. Put our industry experience to work for you by filling out our client application, or calling us at (973) 466-2669. For five decades, we have been family-owned and operated. We understand the importance of family and work to provide yours with the best care possible.