Nanny Authority: A National Nanny Agency

October 27th, 2014 by

nanny job californiaProficiency knows no geographical boundaries. Major companies have discovered the advantages of recruiting talent from across the country in order to bring in the most skilled individuals for the position available. You should expect the same from your nanny agency.

A national nanny agency offers you the opportunity to locate the best candidate for your child’s caretaker, no matter where you (or they!) are located in the United States. If you intend to relocate or have multiple residences, you’ll find that a nanny placement agency provides both convenience and peace of mind when it comes to locating the nanny who best fits your needs.

Assistance for Families on the Move

Today’s dynamic job market often lures families to move their lives from one city to another in order to follow the demands of their careers. A cross-country relocation creates enough concerns without the additional worry of finding a nanny in your new home city. Coordinating advertisements, interviews, and screenings takes up precious time that you could be using to handle other tasks.nanny placement agency

Nanny Jobs in California and Beyond

Nanny placement agencies like the Nanny Authority gather applications from nannies all over the United States. This includes a strong presence on the West Coast. With nanny job placements in California as far south as LA and in Washington State as far north as Seattle, our national coverage is a major strength. We’re prepared to find you the right nanny for your needs — wherever you are.

As a national nanny agency, we go through the same thorough interview process with all candidates. Each prospective childcare provider we place is screened against national databases – this ensures further peace of mind. You won’t need to navigate the maze of background check entities and procedures on your own. The Nanny Authority can handle the background screening process for you.national nanny agency

Why Enlist A Nanny Placement Agency?

Sometimes, a successful career requires a residence in several cities in order to meet job demands. It can be difficult to also meet the needs of one’s family while moving between homes, especially if those homes are far away from each other. Finding one nanny is challenge enough. Finding one for each residence, with the flexibility required for a multiple-home family, presents an additional difficulty.

Nanny placement agencies provide all the tools you need to locate a talented, devoted nanny. As a national nanny agency, Nanny Authority can find you help no matter where you may be. If you’re looking for a nanny to join your family, please fill out our family application so we can help you begin your search. Contact us with any questions you may have! If you’re a nanny seeking a position, fill out our application today!