The Impact of Working as a Nanny

October 7th, 2014 by

working as a nannyA nanny is often more than a helper a family can rely on. In successful placements, they are family and will have an important impact throughout a child’s life. Proof of this recently played out on international news, as a woman’s search for her childhood nanny touched the hearts of people around the globe.

In Search of Dada Marie

Rawan Radwan, a freelance journalist from Arab News, remembered her nanny fondly. She and her siblings had several caretakers as they grew up – but Marie Ning Bernardo-Bibit, whom the children called Dada Marie, was their favorite. Radwan decided to try to reunite with Dada Marie after discovering letters that the former nanny had exchanged with her family.

Speaking of her nanny, Radwan said, “She was part of our family and a dear one at that.” She began her search for the Philippine woman who had cared for her, but found herself thwarted by her nanny’s lack of presence on the internet. At last, she contacted the Quezon Public Information Office in the Philippines. One of the staffers there agreed to help with the search, and a news story was run in the Manila Bulletin.

A Joyful Reunion

nanny workRadwan expected her search to last months. However, within two days, she received word that her search was over. Although she was unsure of how her former nanny would react to being contacted, her fears evaporated at their first Skype call. They had an emotional and memorable conversation, so much so that Radwan decided to take a surprise trip to visit her nanny.

Nanny Work and the Importance of Family

Rawan Radwan never forgot her nanny, not even after years and thousands of miles between them. Her poignant tale shows the deep and profound connection children and nannies forge during their time together. Bonds such as these leave unforgettable impressions on children, and the influences provided by caretakers last a lifetime.

Choosing a nanny provides a unique opportunity to select an inspiration that will affect children throughout their lives. Children absorb everything around them, and what their nanny teaches them will help to shape what sort of people they grow into. This makes the selection process very important.

Nanny Careers

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