The Benefits of Hiring an After School Nanny

April 7th, 2014 by

Why might an after school nanny be the best way to provide afternoon coverage for your children? Because unfortunately, your career probably doesn’t pause when the school bell rings.

Hiring an after school nanny can be the perfect solution for parents of school age children who need help in the afternoons during the school year. An after school nanny can supervise your children during this period of the day and is a very affordable alternative to school-sponsored after school programs and other options.

Support for You and Your Child

In addition to the benefits of your children being in the comfort of their own home, a part time nanny can also take some things off your plate during the afternoon! When working part time, a nanny will give your child one-on-one attention, assist with homework, pick the child up from school and are able to take them to various after school activities. Additionally, an after school nanny can also see to household tasks and free up some of your time and energy in the evenings – errands like picking up groceries and completing meal prep for dinner time can be incorporated into their job description!

After SchoolPart Time Nanny Child Care Jobs: Common Candidates

Here at the Nanny Authority, we often employ college students who are taking child related educational courses and are seeking after school jobs that provide part time child care coverage for working parents. Helping a child complete daily homework and special assignments is a key responsibility for an after school nanny, which makes college students the perfect candidate for after school coverage. It allows you to employ someone who is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to childcare, but is also specifically looking for part time nanny employment.

Employing a Part Time Nanny

Once you identify your ideal after school nanny, it is important to have a shared written agreement between the Nanny and family that outlines expectations and compensation. Communication is the number one reason for break downs in the Nanny/Family relationships and if you have an agreement in place you are guaranteed a more relaxing, genuine experience for you and the kids!

Hiring an experienced, professional part time nanny to help out in the afternoon will provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your children are being cared for by a responsible, loving caregiver during their after school hours. We specialize in placing well-trained nannies with families in need of help. So if you’re a family in need of afternoon, part time or specifically after school help, get in touch with us today!