Hiring a Weekend Nanny

April 14th, 2014 by

Many full time nannies are on a Monday to Friday schedule.  What happens on the weekends? Especially in larger families where children are going in every direction, life can become chaotic! Here enters the “weekend nanny”!  Our weekend nannies can help out with car transportation to and from sporting events and activities, or they can stay at home with the younger children if the parents wish to be participants in these activities themselves.Weekend Nannies

Weekend Nannies: The Qualifications

Most families are looking for a reliable, fun, good-natured nanny who enjoys children of all ages. Many times on weekends, there may be groups of kids present at a summer or vacation home, so the nanny should be comfortable in that setting as well. Weekend nanny jobs are often a great way for students to make extra money on their time off. An additional perk is that weekend nannies tend to be paid a bit more than their traditional counterpart, as the weekend is usually prime time off for most nannies. Weekend nanny positions will almost always be found in upscale neighborhoods with parents who have an executive lifestyle.

Most employers will expect weekend nannies to possess the same level of experience and qualifications that are generally required of a weekday nanny, and may look for particular skills such as sports or art proficiency in order to keep the children entertained and active for the weekend.  Once kids get busy with their sports, classes and friends, the weekend schedule can get out of control. As a parent you can save yourself much stress by hiring a professional who can take care of supervision duties. But weekend nannies can also provide safe, reliable transportation to wherever children need to go and handle whatever may come up.  That means if the soccer practice is rained out or the ball game runs late, your child won’t be stranded!

Weekend Nanny Jobs with Nanny Authority

Having a weekend nanny is becoming more and more popular for many parents.  The additional coverage on Saturday and Sunday can help with the busy schedules that leave many harried parents scrambling for quality, flexible childcare. To find a suitable nanny to assist on the weekends, we welcome you to fill out the Nanny Authority family application. And if you’re a student or weekday nanny looking for additional work as a weekend nanny, fill out our nanny application to get the placement process started!