The Benefits of a Full Service Nanny Staffing Agency

September 5th, 2014 by


Thanks to the internet, parents now have more options than ever when looking for a nanny to care for their children. Many websites claim to bring job seekers together with anyone who needs a particular service filled. These sites promote an independent, do-it-yourself attitude that many families seeking help are all too happy to embrace. Why pay for assistance in hiring household help when it’s so simple to complete the process yourself?top nanny agencies

Because in reality it isn’t that simple! But we understand if you need a reminder as to what a true nanny employment agency can offer. Top nanny agencies do more than connect you to those who would like to work for you. They provide a greater safety for your loved ones and the peace of mind that comes with the full knowledge of whom you have hired. As you decide on the best process for hiring a nanny, consider the following situation:

A Nanny Nightmare

A mother in Ocean County, New Jersey recently returned home to a chilling situation that exemplifies the fears all parents have when they leave their children in another’s care. For just under four hours on a Friday afternoon, she left her child with a nanny hired from a “do-it-yourself” employment site. On her return, the mother found her child in a soiled diaper, crying. The nanny, she found passed out drunk on the floor.

When the nanny woke up, she fled the home, got into her car, and drove into a fire hydrant. Police found three empty liquor bottles in the car. Blood tests indicated the nanny’s blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

The child was unharmed, but it’s not difficult to imagine the potential tragedies that could’ve occurred. Any parents trying to navigate the process of hiring a nanny could find themselves in the same, unfortunate circumstances. Stories like these are the best illustrations of why a nanny staffing agency can provide an invaluable service.

Top Nanny Agencies Offer the Value of Peace of Mind

“Do-it-yourself” employment sites create a marketplace for caregivers and employers alike, but background checks often aren’t a natural part of the process. Instead, families in search of a nanny must initiate these checks and pay a premium for the most comprehensive searches. Unlike the process of a full-service nanny staffing agency, no built-in background checks for applicants are performed.nanny employment agency

Background Checks at a Nanny Employment Agency

Nanny employment agencies such as the Nanny Authority offer a comprehensive nanny screening process which takes the worry out of browsing candidates. Each nanny is screened for their educational background,
work history and childcare experience, and references are verified. We may provide copies of each nanny’s written application, as well as their references. This way, you know that the nannies you consider possess the experience that they claim to have.

Once you have chosen a candidate to offer a position, more thorough checks ensure you know all you can about your nanny’s history. These include:

  • Criminal checks in all states the nanny has lived in for the last seven years
  • Social security verification
  • Nationwide motor vehicle check
  • National sex offender registry

Top nanny agencies understand both the needs and the challenges a hunt for a caregiver can present. That’s why the Nanny Authority offers personalized, professional services to work with you and guide you through the process. Background checks give security and confidence to nannies and families alike. Professional nanny employment agencies are the wisest choice when you’re searching for household help.

Are you looking for a nanny? Fill out our family application today, or contact us, so we can help you find the best candidate for your home. If you’re a nanny who has a strong work ethic who’s looking for a family to help, we encourage you to complete a nanny application today!