Finding a Good Nanny: 10 Things to Consider

November 26th, 2014 by

Finding a good nanny can seem intimidating to those inexperienced with the process. A nanny works closely with the family to help raise and nurture children, and the best nannies arguably become part of the family themselves. This puts a lot of weight on the decision of who to hire.

10 Things to consider when searching for a nanny

What Makes a Great Nanny?

If you’re thinking about hiring help to care for your children, consider these points about what makes a good nanny. They might assist you with finding the perfect childcare professional for you!

  1. Understand your expectations. We all have preconceived notions about what a nanny should be. Do you envision an older woman with years of experience or a younger college student with energy and exuberance? Understanding what traits make a great nanny for your family can prevent a decision that will leave everyone dissatisfied.
  2. Know what you want versus what you require. Decide what you can’t live without when it comes to a childcare professional; then think of what traits you feel you can be flexible about, but might be nice to have.
  3. Set your price range for the nanny’s salary, benefits, and bonuses. Research the current salary for a great nanny, as well as what benefits nannies expect. Do not forget to set aside room in the budget for bonuses during the holiday season.
  4. Outline the schedule you need a nanny to keep. Part of determining your perfect childcare professional is determining what types of hours you need your nanny to work (daytime, nighttime, weekends, etc.) Also, determine if you have constrains on when your nanny can take his/her vacation time. Great Nanny Help
  5. Set realistic requirements for what duties you expect your nanny to perform. No one parent can “do it all” and the same is true for nannies. Setting realistic requirements and expectations will avert disappointment later.
  6. Think about what extra jobs you might want your nanny to perform. Some nannies will happily take on additional chores such as pet care, light housekeeping, and cooking. If your definition of a good nanny is one that helps with extra work around the home, be certain to include these criteria in your search.
  7. Give a thought to background and special needs. Nannies come from all cultures, all religions, and all walks of life. They may also have special dietary needs. Be certain to consider your lifestyle, and what you can accommodate.
  8. Talk to friends and family who have utilized a nanny. Personal experiences from people who have hired nannies can be very helpful in your search. If you don’t know anyone who has hired a nanny, consider joining a parenting forum on the internet.
  9. Decide what kind of trial period you will give your new nanny. All new relationships have growing pains, including that of nanny and family. Giving your nanny a trial period sets up the expectation of a short-term stint that may become long term should everything work out.
  10. Consider enlisting the assistance of a nanny placement agency. Hiring a nanny involves many steps that busy families may find daunting. A nanny agency, such as the Nanny Authority, can remove a great deal of the burden. Reputable agencies will perform in depth background and reference checks, and assist you with the screening process. Good Nanny Expectations

Parents who are searching for a nanny will find a valuable ally in the Nanny Authority. We support families throughout their entire search, and handle the details so you can focus on the personal facets of hiring a caretaker for your child. Contact us today for more information, or fill out our family application!