Finding the Best Caretaker for your Family

October 18th, 2016 by

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Finding the right caretaker for your family can be tricky, which is why an increasing number of parents are enlisting the services of a nanny agency to help with the hire. A nanny agency can provide the client with personal guidance in all phases of the placement process. Below are some reasons as to why many parents choose the Nanny Authority when making this important decision:

  • Many working parents don’t have the time to research and interview candidates and instead, rely on the assistance of professionals. A reputable agency will have amassed decades of experience in the caretaking field, passing along their knowledge to the family. Here at the Nanny Authority, our dedicated placement counselors review hundreds of caretaker resumes on a weekly basis, weeding out those that are deemed to be unfit and only about 15% of applicants make the cut.
  • There is a certain amount of trust between the parents and the placement counselors they work with. Taking stock of the family’s style and preferences, the agency will present only the most appropriate candidates matching the parents’ criteria and will refine the search until a match has been made.
  • Vetting your candidate: The placement counselor will verify the nanny’s background information and driving record, giving a copy of the obtained data to the parents. The nanny also must provide us with a complete chronological history of employment, with no gaps. Conducting reference checks is time-consuming. Parents can become distracted on the phone and forget to ask certain questions or even be unable to reach a past employer. An agency is skilled at asking the right questions and can get the family the answers that they need.
  • Employee Agreements: Once a candidate has been selected, the agency will work in tandem with the parents to draft an employee agreement addressing salary, bonuses, vacation days and holidays, health insurance, and severance pay. The contract will address state labor laws and taxes, helping you to ensure that you are doing everything lawfully. All responsibilities should be mutually agreed upon by both parties prior to the start date.

Nanny Placement Services

Searching for the ideal family can be a difficult endeavor for a nanny as well. He or she can have their own set of expected requirements and guidelines to take into consideration and want to see them met.

  • Professionalism: A placement specialist at a reputable agency will meet with qualified candidates in-person, working with them to tailor their resume and help ensure the nanny takes the right steps to put their best foot forward. After meeting with the specialist, be sure to follow-up with an e-mail and check in once a week regarding potential opportunities that fit your search.
  • Time and energy: Like with any job, a relationship with an agency is give and take. It takes time to cultivate a relationship, but the pay-off is worth it in the end. An agency cannot help a prospective nanny if he or she is not willing to put in the necessary time and effort. The application process can be tedious but it is important that you adhere to each agency’s policies.
  • On-going support: A nanny can begin to feel discouraged during their search for the right family and working with an agency can help alleviate some of that feeling. The placement counselor will offer encouragement and support every step of the way. After an interview with a potential family, counselors will discuss how it went and provide constructive feedback.
  • Access to jobs: Oftentimes, an available nanny will begin his or her search for a new family by browsing job postings on-line. Working with an agency will allow access to a variety of opportunities that aren’t posted on the internet as well as ones of a higher caliber.
  • Pre-screened families: Parents consult an agency when they are serious about hiring a nanny. The screening process for families is just as important as screening nannies. At the Nanny Authority, each family must fill out our family application, which asks for all the details of the position as well as two personal, non-related family references. The nanny can feel comfortable and at ease when going into the interview. Afterward, counselors speak to the nanny and family to obtain feedback on how it went.
  • Wage and benefit package/Labor regulations: After a match has been made between the nanny and family, it’s time for the paperwork component of the procedure. Negotiating salary and benefits and discussing taxes can be an overwhelming undertaking and a nanny will have the support of the agency to ease the process. Sometimes, valuable information can fall through the cracks and working with an agency ensures that nothing gets lost, forgotten, or is submitted incomplete.

Working with a professional agency can be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties. Here at the Nanny Authority, our team is dedicated to finding the best match for everyone involved, working tirelessly to ensure that we exceed expectations. Our placement specialists are available to speak with parents regarding any questions or concerns that arise before, during, or even after the process. For more information on our services, please contact us at 973-466-2669 today!