Professional Nannies: Top 7 Reasons Why Their Job Can Be More Rewarding Than a Desk Job

January 7th, 2015 by

life as a career nanny
A career as a nanny can be both a viable means of employment and a rewarding experience. In fact, with the US unemployment rate dropping, many newly employed parents are looking for professional nannies to take care of their children. Many parents are willing to pay an agency to coordinate the perfect match. Professional nanny positions often have many perks and rewards that are not typically offered in a standard 9 to 5 office job.  If you are considering new employment, a professional nanny career may be a good option for you! Here are 7 reasons why a career as a nanny can be more enriching than a desk job.

  1. High Quality, Professional Nanny Services Result in Job Security

Professional nannies, when matched with the ideal family, are often guaranteed a job until the kids begin grade school and/or thereafter.  Choosing the ideal candidate for this very personal role is a daunting task for parents. Once parents are confident that they have chosen the ideal candidate, job security is guaranteed for as long as the nanny continues to be trustworthy and do great work.

  1. Flexibility

Most standard 9 to 5 office jobs are just that: they run on fixed schedules that offer little to no flexibility.  However, professional nanny jobs may offer significant variance in your hours. Some families need full-time help, while other families prefer flexible or part-time help.

  1. Dynamic

The conventional daily routine of a standard desk job is largely absent when working as a nanny; no two days are the same. One day you may embark on an adventure in the local playground, while the next may call for a rainy day museum hunt.Career as a Nanny

  1. Fresh Air

If being confined to four drab walls while breathing recycled air for hours isn’t your thing, then perhaps a professional nanny job is for you. Working as a professional nanny requires keeping children busy, safe, and happy and that usually translates into some playtime activities outdoors. This type of work can be especially rewarding during the warm spring/summer months when the weather is ideal for outdoor play.

  1. Creativity

While many standard desk jobs require rote tasks to be completed over and over, professional nanny jobs require some level of creativity.  Oftentimes, keeping children engaged during activities or downtime requires ingenuity that can serve as a break from the routine for you as well.

  1. Money Saver

Many office desk jobs require employees to adhere to a specific dress code. Oftentimes, office employees are asked to wear “professional-looking” clothes that can be both uncomfortable and expensive. The brilliant thing about professional nanny service jobs is that the generally laidback dress code is wallet friendly and convenient.

  1. Other Perks

A career as a nanny can be great for a wide range of reasons, including those that come down to your personal preferences. However, some other perks to consider are free room and board for live-in positions, a more active/ balanced lifestyle and the opportunity to travel.  Some families require assistance with their children while traveling; as a professional nanny you can be working in an exotic location while getting a tan.

A Career as a Nanny

Professional nanny jobs can prove to be very rewarding positions. Watching a child grow and progress — and knowing that you have had a hand in that growth — can be very fulfilling. Prior to committing to any job, all the pros and cons must first be weighed. However, you can be sure that a career as a nanny can often result in flexibility, job security and excellent compensation.

If you would like to take the next step toward securing a nanny position, please fill out an application on the Nanny Authority site or explore our open nanny job postings.