Kids Indoor Fun During the Winter Season is Easier to Attain than You Think

February 27th, 2015 by

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Scheduling kids indoor fun can be intimidating during inclement weather. Rainy days and winter months present unique challenges to anyone who cares for children. Occupying inquisitive young minds when the weather confines everyone indoors takes practice and creativity, as well as a playful spirit! Yet kids indoor fun doesn’t need to be difficult. Engaging games and simple crafts are right at your fingertips.

Both professional nannies and parents responsible for keeping homebound children safely entertained may enjoy these suggestions for kids indoor fun. Follow them as they are, or use them as springboards for your own inventive ideas.

Kids Indoor Fun Ideas to Try at Home

Make your own play dough. Flour, water, vegetable oil, cream of tartar, and food coloring easily become a favored sculpting material for activities for indoor fun.

Call a scavenger hunt for household items. Draw up a list of hints that lead to various objects around the house. Provide kids with the list, as well as pencils or pens for making notes. Set them loose to write down where they found each object.

Bake and decorate homemade cookies. Young pastry chefs and creative minds will enjoy making edible works of art.  You can make homemade frosting and use special cookie cutouts to make the tasty treats fun and festive.

Have a paper airplane flight show. Raid the supply of printer and construction paper, and look online for instructions on how to fold different paper airplane shapes Use a measuring tape to discover which flies the farthest, and count seconds to time which ones remain airborne longest.

Create pipe cleaner insects and crazy monsters. A handful of pipe cleaners, some googly eyes, and a few plastic spoons provide all the materials needed for kids to let their imaginations loose.

Make a museum out of hand-drawn art or household items. This game presents opportunity for children’s indoor fun and to build excitement for a later trip to a real museum. Ask children to create displays of arts and crafts projects they completed or to draw portraits of things they see. Have children arrange the exhibits and take you on a tour.

Gather up a storytelling basket. Ask kids to choose their favorite figures, toys, and dolls to fill a basket. Use these items to encourage children to tell stories that feature the toys pulled from the basket.

Color crumpled paper mosaics. Loosely crush a plain piece of paper into a ball. Unfold it to show the different patterns created by the wrinkles. Let kids trace the patterns with a black marker or crayon, then have them color each area a different shade.

Have fun with shadow hand puppets. Shine a flashlight on a wall in a darkened room. Show the children how to form a few basic shapes, and then ask them to come up with their own.

Create paper plate masks. Paper plates, crayons or markers, and a length of string easily create exciting masks for kids to use as props in a play. Add construction paper, pipe cleaners, and other art supplies for even zanier creations.


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