Fun Holiday Themed Winter Activities & Crafts for Kids

December 6th, 2016 by

From tree lightings to early visits from Santa, the holiday season is in full swing. Seasonal decorations are popping up all across storefronts and if you peer closely inside, parents are in search of the perfect gift for their little ones. However, while celebrating the season can bring about a combination of excitement and happiness, it also adds feelings of anxiety and stress for caregivers. For nannies, this might mean dealing with frustrated charges who are unable to exert their energy on the playground because of bad weather days and start to act out. To prevent boredom, we have assembled a list of holiday DIY crafts and activities that helps children stay engaged and warm.

Make your own Christmas stocking

To help kids get in the holiday spirit, assist them in designing and making their own stocking or if the family is Jewish, a Hanukkah bag. The first step is finding suitable socks. Woolen fabric and plain colors work best. From there, the caregiver should sew on various festive elements and designs onto the socks. We recommend sewing because using glue can get messy. Make sure to attach a loop for hanging. Adults can then stuff small toys and candy into the stocking and hang it up on the mantel or another suitable area. For a Hanukkah bag, you can substitute socks with a tote.

Make your own ornament

An easy ornament for children to construct is a Christmas tree. First, trace a cookie cutter onto felt fabric. Second, punch multiple holes into the material. If the child is too young, the caregiver should assist with this task. Then, glue plastic beads over the holes and hang in a window or on your tree. Additional DIY ornaments for kids to assemble can be found on our Holiday Season Pinterest board.

Make your own Hanukkah crafts

Children can build their own Menorah to supplement a real one using felt materials, Legos, wooden stick figures, and even cardboard rolls. Other kid-friendly options to assemble a Menorah can be located here. The important thing is to have the right supplies and imagination. Additional Hanukkah crafts for children include using pipe cleaners or popsicle sticks to create a Star of David mobile.

Cold Weather Activity Sticks

In the winter, it can be too cold or rainy for children to trek outdoors. To prevent restlessness, caregivers should have a pre-made list of crafts and games on-hand. One way to achieve this is to have your charges decorate a mason jar and fill it with colorful popsicle sticks that have various activities listed on them. A multitude of sample pursuits can be found on our Activities page. One of our favorite educational winter crafts, the Paper Plate Snowmen, can be located on our blog. Then, during a particularly cold or rainy day, children can pull the stick out of the jar and pick an activity that they can partake in.

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At the end of the day, the holiday season is about creating memories with our loved ones. For alternate suggestions on how to help your charge enjoy the winter season, check out our Pinterest boards. From all of us here at the Nanny Authority, we wish you a joyous and peaceful holiday season!