Moms & Local Mother’s Helpers: Kid’s Crafts for Wintertime Creativity Indoors

March 13th, 2015 by

Kids Crafts

Caregivers and local mother’s helpers may appreciate these kids’ crafts ideas for keeping little ones entertained indoors. Children have inquisitive minds and vibrant imaginations. Nurturing this unfettered creativity encourages a child to accomplish goals while creating unique crafts they can take pride in. It is also a hands-on method to occupy children during long days indoors, no matter the season. Moms or local mother’s helpers on the lookout for new ways to entertain their children may find these projects worthwhile.

Local Mother’s Helpers Guide to Kids’ Crafts

1. Puffy snowflake or flower painting

Children love participating in fun painting projects that allow their creativity to shine through. Instead of giving them traditional paints, however, gather up some self-rising flour, salt, food coloring, and empty dish soap bottles (or other, similar receptacles).
Mix equal parts flour and salt in a bowl. Add water until the mixture is the consistency of pancake batter, and food coloring, if you want to tint your “paint”. Put this mixture into your squeeze bottles, pass out heavy card stock, and invite the children to create their best work!

Once the budding artist has completed their masterpiece, pop it into the microwave for about 30 seconds. The “paint” will dry, and puff up dramatically. Children will love experimenting with different shades and layers.

2. Tissue paper stained glass window decorations

Children feel proud when a loved one displays their artwork in a prominent place. While the refrigerator is the usual gallery for such art, you can help children make beautiful pieces to be hung on windows instead. All you need is black construction paper, clear contact paper, and plenty of colorful tissue paper cut into mini-squares!

Cut out frames of black construction paper in whatever size you would like to make the border. Trim two sheets of contact paper so it’s an inch or two larger than the frame. Lay one sheet of contact paper sticky-side up on the work surface, and place the frame on it.

Children may want to cut an interesting shape out of black construction paper, such as a snowflake, a sun, or whatever appeals to them. This can be placed in the framed area on the contact paper. Have the children cover the rest of the sticky surface with the squares of tissue paper. After the framed area is covered in tissue-paper squares, place the second sheet of contact paper, sticky-side down, over the work to seal in the components.

Trim the excess paper from around the edges of the frame. You now have a lovely window decoration!

3. Paper plate masks

Masks provide both an outlet for artistic creativity, and the opportunity to play dress-up and pretend. You can cater to both these well-loved themes by allowing kids to make their own masks! This activity can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, depending on what materials you provide. Paper plates, string, and markers make for an easy creation, while paints, construction paper, feathers, and other supplies will encourage more time-consuming and elaborate projects.

Cut eye holes out of a paper plate. Give the child a theme for their mask, or simply put out whatever decoration materials you choose to use. Once the child has decorated the mask, poke holes in the sides and feed a string through them. This will allow the mask to stay on the child’s head.

Encourage your masked friend to create a play or story to go with their new work of art!

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