Summer Nanny Agency

Job Positions & Live-In or Live-Out Services

If you’re looking for a rewarding job that is in high demand, consider applying for a job through a summer nanny agency. Summer nannies are people who care for other people’s children only during the summer months. They provide essential guardian and nurturing responsibilities while children are out of school or parents are on vacation.

Many families hire live-in summer nannies who will join them and spend the summer at the family’s summer home. Some parents require a summer nanny to assist them for extended vacations requiring a summer nanny to travel extensively both domestically and internationally. Other families may need assistance while both parents are working. Summer nanny job positions often require tasks like ferrying children to sports activities, summer classes and play dates with friends. They may also conduct everyday activities such as:

  • Light house cleaning
  • Children’s laundry
  • Bathing
  • Healthy cooking of meals
  • General supervision

Summer Nanny Applicants

A wide range of benefits exist for those wishing to become a summer nanny. First, these job opportunities are often quickly and easily acquired during the weeks prior to the beginning of summer. A summer nanny position can provide a supplemental source of income for those who work in education and do not work full time during the summer. Similarly, college students are often well-suited for summer nanny jobs if they aren’t taking summer classes or if they take night classes or committed to internships.

Live-In vs. Live-Out Summer Nanny Job Positions

In the case of live-in summer nanny jobs, a nanny will generally spend the night with the host family on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Some live-in nannies may spend the night five days a week, while others will stay with the family for the entirety of the summer. A live-in situation can provide convenience for parents and stability for nannies, but the right situation is dependent on a good chemistry as well as the needs and wishes of all parties involved being satisfied.

Getting a Summer Nanny Job or Hiring the Summer Help You Need

Securing an enjoyable summer nanny position or hiring a qualified summer nanny are both tasks that are best achieved with the help of a summer nanny agency.  At Nanny Authority, we have the expertise required to make sure that all parties are happy and well taken care of. If you’re looking for a summer nanny or seeking summer nanny employment, contact us online or call 877-466-2669.