Nanny Background Checks Are Good for Everyone

June 16th, 2014 by

When your family hires a nanny, you aren’t only hiring someone to provide for your children’s basic needs. You’re hiring a new influence in your children’s lives, as well as a person who is responsible for their safety. If you’re considering bringing a new caregiver into your family, you can do so with assurance and peace of mind with the help of a nanny background check. And if you’re seeking a nanny position, a nanny background check allows you to put your best foot forward and ensure your new family’s trust and confidence from the outset.nanny background check

Background checks for nannies have become a nearly standard part of the hiring process. Technological advances and the increased use of databases now make learning about your prospective nanny easier than ever before.

Understanding the Nanny Background Check Process

Nanny background checks should be conducted with prior knowledge on the part of all involved. Prospective nannies should expect a background check as a part of the hiring process, and their agreement is the first sign of their trustworthiness. Knowing a nanny’s background is the first step in ensuring that a family is comfortable with leaving their children in a nanny’s care.

An employer’s intent to perform this search is also an indication to the nanny as to the legitimacy of the position he or she is applying for – an employer who performs a nanny background check is an employer who takes the position seriously.

Nanny background checks include a variety of layers. Each one is designed to provide a piece of the nanny’s past and eventually a comprehensive picture. These checks can include:

  • Work history
  • Educational background
  • Personal reference verification
  • Prior employment experience
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Criminal background check
  • National sex offender registration
  • Social Security number check
  • Credit history
  • Basic search engine query on the nanny’s name
  • Social media search for public posts

Nanny Authority’s Background Checks for Nannies

The Nanny Authority is proud to offer stringent and thorough screening for all of our nanny candidates. Each candidate has his or her employment history, educational background, childcare experience, and employment references checked as part of the initial verification. When a family makes an offer of employment, the Nanny Authority initiates a criminal check in all states where the nanny has lived for the past seven years, nationwide motor vehicle and sex offender registry searches, and Social Security number verification.background checks for nannies

If you are looking to hire a nanny, fill out our family application today to begin your search, or contact us with any questions you may have. We have many hard-working, enthusiastic nannies waiting to become part of your family. If you are a nanny with a strong work ethic and friendly manner seeking a position, please fill out our nanny application so we can help you find the right family for you.