How to Choose the Right Nanny

September 13th, 2016 by

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Choosing the right nanny is never easy and the process can be challenging, even for the most organized of families. Each family has a different set of expectations that need to be met based on their situation and budget. Below are some tips to help make the process easier for parents.

Priorities, Priorities, Priorities…

Writing out a job description can help narrow down and shorten a family’s search. The job description should identify the days and hours that you are looking for as well as the expected responsibilities. It should also indicate anything out of the ordinary, such as if your child has any special needs or allergies. The job description is also a good way to keep in mind your budget.

The Nanny Interview Process

Prior to any interviews, it’s important to make sure you’ve written down a list of questions that address your family’s needs, concerns and ethics. This will ensure you don’t forget anything during the interview but also allow you to get a better sense of the candidate’s personality. Some of the questions should also be open-ended, such as her (or his!) previous work with children, why he or she decided to become a nanny, etc. We have a list of sample questions here. The candidate should also be dressed professionally but comfortably. Take notes during the interview and keep an eye on their demeanor. If there are children present during the interview, observe how the candidate interacts with them; are they comfortable, do they seem at ease?

Candidate Trial Run

After interviewing and identifying 1 or 2 candidates, you should set-up a trial run. The trial will allow you the opportunity to see if the nanny will be a good fit for your family. However, if you begin to develop second thoughts during the trial run, you don’t have to commit and should start interviewing additional candidates.

Nanny Background Check

After an offer has been made and the candidate has accepted, run a background check. The background check will allow you to verify information on the candidate’s criminal record and confirm that there are no red flags in his or her background.

The Nanny Contract

The family should create a nanny contract that outlines the terms and conditions of employment and go over the document with their nanny prior to his or her first day. This will help avoid any future miscommunication and allow room for dialogue. The contract should specify the expected responsibilities of employment as well as the offered salary for the hours worked, vacation time and benefits.

The important thing is to be patient during your search and to keep looking until you find someone that is the right match for your family. The Nanny Authority has accumulated a wealth of experience in the nanny industry and can help you find your ideal candidate today. Contact us at 973-466-2669 for further information.