Potential Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring a Nanny

March 21st, 2017 by

Finding the right caretaker for your family can be tricky, which is why an increasing number of parents are enlisting the services of a nanny agency to assist with the hire. Here at The Nanny Authority, our placement specialists will present to you only the most qualified candidates that meet your criteria. Only 15% of applicants make it through our nanny screening, interviewing, and reference checking procedures. After our agency has presented your family with potential nannies, the family will choose who they would like to conduct interviews with and we will assist in coordinating those meetings. Below is our suggested guide to the meeting.

Suggested interview structure:

The interview process is a good way for the parents and nanny to get to know each other prior to introducing a candidate to the children. Asking the right questions at the beginning will help both sides forge a healthier partnership.

  •          Ask the nanny to talk about him or herself: Discuss how he or she got their start as a childcare provider. Your nanny doesn’t necessarily need to possess decades of experience but he or she should have some childrearing experience. At the Nanny Authority, our candidates have a minimum of three years’ worth of childrearing experience. Ask each candidate why he or she is a nanny and what they like about the job.
  •          Make sure to go through the nanny’s CV: The nanny should go over the specifics of each position in detail, including how long the position was and why he or she left. This is important because listing the specifics of each task will allow you to discern their level of care for both the position and the child. Ask questions related to his or her reliability, ways to cope with potential emergencies, and inquire about the family at each position. What was the parents’ discipline style? What rules worked for the nanny and which rules didn’t? Do both parents work outside of the home?
  •          Talk about your family: If you feel that you might move forward to the next step with the nanny, you can choose to discuss your family in specifics. Go over the position, including details not included in the job description. Discuss if the children have any special-needs or allergies. Talk about ages and personality traits of the children. This may also be a good time to give the candidate a hypothetical scenario in which they can provide insight as to how they would handle it. Speak about the educational and social goals that you have in mind for them. However, we suggest not introducing the children to potential candidates during the first interview, but only the candidates that you are serious about hiring.
  •          Ask the nanny if she has questions: Interviews are a two-way street and it’s the nanny’s responsibility to pose questions as well. Those questions can include asking the employer more about the anticipated role in the household, inquiring about the children, and finding out if the family has had a nanny before, and what was successful or flawed about the relationship?

Additional nanny interview questions can be found on our family page. If you are interested in moving forward with a candidate, you should schedule a trial so he or she can spend some time with your child in your home. Candidates should be paid for their time at the end of the trial. It’s important to keep the following things in mind.

  •          How does your child interact with him or her?
  •          Does he or she seem comfortable holding or speaking to your child?
  •          While you’re away from your child, will you feel at ease leaving him or her in the care of this particular person?

For assistance with your search, contact The Nanny Authority via e-mail or at 973-266-2669 today! Our placement specialists support the family from beginning to end on their search to guarantee a successful match for both parties.