Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Nanny Interview

July 16th, 2015 by

professional nanny

So, you’ve landed an interview for a professional nanny job! What now? The Nanny Authority has some tips to help you seal the deal.

Arrive on Time for Your Nanny Interview

Our placement specialists recommend that you arrive in the area 15-20 minutes beforehand and use that time to mentally prepare yourself for the task ahead. You should approach the door no more than 5 minutes prior to your interview time. Always bring a resume with you and wash your hands when you arrive. When entering the home, remember to ask the family if they would like you to remove your shoes.

Dress Clean, Smart, and Tidy

It is better to be conservative with your interview outfit—think J. Crew. Make sure your outfit is one that would allow you to jump on the floor with the child should the parents ask you to do so. Avoid wearing perfume or hoop earrings, and remember to tie your hair back. You want to appear as clean and professional as possible.

Be Energetic, Enthusiastic, Professional, and Confident

Remember, working in the childcare industry requires you to walk the line of being both child-friendly and a consummate professional. The parents need to know that you have the energy and enthusiasm necessary to interact with the child on his or her level, but ultimately the most important thing is that you are someone who is responsible, reliable, and can be trusted to keep the child safe.

Prepare to Answer Common Nanny Interview Questions

You’ll likely be asked a lot of questions about your previous nanny experience as well as broader questions about your approach to childcare, discipline, and the daily activities you might do with the children. Be sure to provide more than just a yes or no answer. However, if a parent asks you to talk about yourself, remember to be tactful. A parent is much more likely to want to know that you enjoy going to museums in your free time than to know that at night you like to go out drinking with friends. Share pertinent information about your schooling, your experience, and any other funny or lighthearted childcare stories you have. Grab a friend before your interview and have him or her ask you sample questions; this way, they can tell you if you’re sharing too much personal information and you can feel confident in your answers.

Interact with the Children

If the children are present during the interview, make sure to ask the parents whether they want you to play with the kids or concentrate on the questions they’re asking you. Do not simply ignore the children if they are in the room—after all, families looking for nannies want to find someone who can interact well with their kids.

The Nanny Authority Can Help You Find Your Perfect Placement

Your number one goal in the interview is to show your interviewer how you can serve as an asset in their home and ease their lives. Never discuss salary on an interview! More often than not, the parents are looking for someone who can grow to become part of their family. At the initial interview stage, it can seem presumptuous to ask about money, and the parents could get the impression that the pay is more important to you than their children. Additionally, if you are set up on the interview through an agency such as the Nanny Authority, the negotiation of salary is the agency’s job—and the placement specialist who represents you is working on your behalf.