Hiring a Nanny During COVID-19

December 4th, 2020 by

The pandemic has been a trying time for families and candidates alike, with both groups asking similar questions in regards to navigating the unusual set of circumstances.  Can the nanny live-in and quarantine with the family? Will the nanny be able to transition back to live-out once this is all over? How do we trial a potential new hire? What if we want our nanny to live-out? What about a nanny who can provide assistance with education and tutoring? Rest assured that you are not alone when it comes to asking all of these questions! The aim of this piece is to answer all of these and more, as well as delve deeper into the hiring process.

Can the nanny live-in and quarantine with the family?

The short answer is yes. However, consider whether or not you would feel safe letting this person leave on their days off. Every family and individual is operating at a different comfort level. This is all about finding the right fit. Since many nannies do have their own loved ones at home, would you allow them to return on weekends or occasionally? If you do have a nanny who lives-in with you for seven days, please understand they still need two days off in a row to recharge. This is healthy for all involved, as every nanny needs time to reset and have space to themselves, and every family deserves the top-notch care that this allows. We have seen some families choose to go the alternate route of rotating nannies, which is another great option and allows for full coverage!

Will the nanny be able to transition back to live-out once this is all over?

This question is similar to the one above but there may be some distinct differences. Some families are open to a nanny who will live-in temporarily with them while working, then return home on their days off. We have found that many families are currently living in second homes outside of the major metropolitan areas where they may typically reside. If you require a nanny who will be able to live-out in a few months, it is most common that we would need to assist in finding you a nanny who already resides in the same area. Some nannies do charge an overnight rate and will expect to be compensated for the extra time they are taken away from their homes.

How do we trial a potential new hire?

The Nanny Authority allows for up to two free try-out days with any potential new hire. If a family feels they need more time, this can be discussed with us. “Try-outs” are a mini-trial, which happens before an official offer has been made, as we want to ensure this is the best fit for all involved. Since everyone operates at their own comfort level, we encourage families to decide what makes them feel safest and also discuss this openly with the agency and the candidate they want to try-out. Our try-outs are always paid directly to the candidate and all travel expenses related to the trial are covered or reimbursed by the family. There are a few options that we have seen clients choose when it comes to moving forward with a try-out. If you are doing a try-out with someone from your area, you may choose to meet them for the day, perhaps at your home or somewhere near-by (a park, etc.). If you are hosting a try-out with someone from outside the area, think about where you would like them to stay. Will they be flying or driving to you? Will you ask them to quarantine when they arrive? Where and for how long will they be quarantining? Please note that candidates should be paid for their time in quarantine, as this is time they are setting aside for your family and they will be unable to interview or trial with other families during this period. If you require a candidate to take a COVID test, please discuss this with them before-hand and if possible, help them arrange where to go.

What if we want our nanny to live-out?

Many families have chosen to continue employing their staff on a live-out basis and for a variety of reasons, do not want someone living in their home. We have seen an increase in calls asking what the “standard” may be for this type of situation. While we cannot tell you what everyone is doing, we can tell you that families who do not feel safe with public transport typically ask that nannies drive themselves to work or are covering the cost of daily transportation and asking their nanny to take Uber or Lyft or, in some cases, are sending a car service. For those of us who live in major metropolitan areas, we know that it is not always common to keep a car in the city so while it is possible to find a nanny who has a valid license and their own transportation, these nannies do not make up the majority. If you do require that your nanny transport themselves to work, we would recommend covering their transportation/parking fees.

What about a nanny who can provide assistance with education and tutoring?

Whether you need a nanny with a background in education, a governess, a private educator, or a tutor, we can help you! The Nanny Authority works with candidates from a variety of backgrounds, many of whom have experience in education. We have noticed a huge increase in teachers applying to the agency and we are excited to be working with them!


For the safety of both parties, we also strongly recommend having a frank conversation about how your family is handling COVID-19 and what expectations you have from an employee during this time. We understand this has been a difficult period for all and want to help families navigate what it is like to hire during this pandemic. For more information and to discuss your nanny or household staffing needs, please reach out to us via phone, email, or the family application on our website so we can help find the right fit for your home.