Essential Tips for Hiring an After-School Nanny

October 17th, 2017 by

Essential Tips for Hiring an After-School Nanny

Hiring an after-school nanny can be a great solution for working parents of school-age children. He or she can pick your child up from school, take to and from activities, chaperone playdates, ensure that they stay on track with their schoolwork, and provide one-on-one attention. An after-school nanny can also be an option for stay-at-home parents with more than one child, who can use additional help with light housekeeping, preparing dinner, or even giving the parent some time to him or herself. Once you’ve determined that you require the services of an after-school nanny, there are several tips to keep in mind before, during, and after your search.

Identify the Requisite Responsibilities

Before you begin the hiring process, it’s important to outline your criteria for your desired after school care. For instance, do you need a nanny that can drive or are you comfortable having him or her take your children to activities via public transport? Will you need someone to make healthy snacks for your child or someone who will be able to prepare dinner as well? Will the after-school nanny be assisting your child with homework? If yes, do you want him or her to possess a college degree? Be clear about what type of candidate you are looking for prior to beginning your search.

The Interview Process for an After-School Nanny

Even if you love a candidate after the initial interview, you should always conduct a thorough screening process. Here at The Nanny Authority, our placement counselors verify the nanny’s background information and driving record, giving a copy of the obtained data to the parents. The nanny also must provide us with a complete chronological history of employment, with no gaps. Conducting reference checks is time-consuming. An agency is skilled at asking the right questions and can get the family the answers that they need. The Nanny Authority is also adept at listening for certain personality traits such as reliability, patience, caring, etc that we consider valuable for an after-school nanny to have. Lastly, don’t forget to draw up a nanny contract outlining responsibilities that both parties adhere to.

Establish a After-School Care  Weekly and Monthly Schedule

After you’ve hired a part-time nanny, you should familiarize him or her with the family’s routine. One way to do this is to construct a weekly and monthly schedule. The calendar should include your child’s school schedule, including any half days, days off, and school breaks. It should also reflect all extracurricular activities, such as foreign language classes or sports practice.

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The safest way to find a reliable, trustworthy caregiver is to use a reputable after-school nanny agency. Our trained placement specialists will be able to help you determine what after-school care is right for your family, and connect you with a variety of qualified and experienced childcare professionals. For more information on how The Nanny Authority can help you make the right placement for your family, contact us at 973-466-2669 or via e-mail today!