Nanny Authority’s National Nanny Training Day 1st Annual Drawing

April 21st, 2020 by

In honor of National Nanny Training Day, which was April 18th, 2020, we wanted to do something special to recognize the very important work that nannies do. We held our first annual National Nanny Training Day raffle, for one lucky nanny to win a prize of $500, numerous child development books, a gift certificate to Massage Envy Spay and a few other goodies! Employers, colleagues, friends, and family members were asked to nominate a nanny in their life who has made a difference and we were blown away by all of your responses!

We are very excited to announce the winner of the Nanny Authority’s National Nanny Training Day drawing, Kristin S.!!

Kristin was nominated by her colleague, Erin, who had the following to say in her nomination: “Hands down the best nanny I’ve ever worked with. Over and above in every regard. She sets me up for success every day and knows tiny humans like the back of her hand. She speaks their language. The joy that exudes from within her is a light that everyone who comes in contact with her will benefit from. Best nanny in NYC. No contest.” What a stunning endorsement from a friend and colleague!

Thank you!

We want to thank everyone who participated in this Nanny appreciation event. Nanny Authority and Pavillion Agency have always recognized what an impactful positive contribution nannies make to the lives of families who employ them and most importantly to the children who are nurtured in their care. With the current state of evolving events, now more than ever we give extra special thanks to nannies nationwide! NANNIES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! The numerous glowing submissions we received reinforce our gratitude, with so many heartfelt examples of what we call “Nanny Valor”. It is crystal clear to us, as we’re sure you’ll agree, just how cherished nannies are to everyone they are surrounded by. Following is a sample of how both employers and colleagues described their nominated nanny:

[Nanny C] has the most positive, happy, vibrant energy, and she fills all of our lives with love & laughter daily. She gives it 110% every day and is always looking for extra ways to help our whole family, especially during this crazy time. [Nanny C] goes above & beyond and is constantly looking for teachable opportunity moments.”

I nominate [Nanny E] because she is the epitome of what a professional, caring and engaging nanny should be. She inspires me by her commitment to the families in her care… The relationships she fosters with the children in her charge is a sight to see! It’s one of love, respect, and enthusiasm for learning and growth.”

[Nanny J] was our nanny for 18 years while our sons were growing up and she was the best thing that ever happened to us.”

[Nannny K] is the epitome of a bedrock nanny and is one who strives for excellence not just for her self but for other colleagues. [Nanny K] is selfless in what she does as a professional nanny because she believes so much in the profession and in shaping not only the next generation of leaders, she equally believes in Nannies lifting/ holding the profession to a higher standard!”

[Nanny S] is the best nanny to my 3 very active toddlers. She is engaging, interactive, educational and super caring. She teaches kids manners and how to respect. I never expected her to be such a positive influence on our family.”

[Nanny C] is the Gold Standard for nannies!”

I often feel like the compliments I get about the children and their behavior are really owed to [Nanny D] and not to me. She was flexible and adaptable to our changing and sometimes unpredictable schedules… The kids really saw [Nanny D] as a 3rd parent, and she has remained part of their lives to this day, even more than 10 years after leaving our employ. [Nanny D] was always a consummate professional in all aspects of her work.”

We look forward to continuing to honor and serve the wonderful community of nannies who work so hard to take care of us all!


The Nanny Authority Team
A Division of Pavillion Agency