Prevent Summer Learning Loss & Keep Your Kids Mentally Active and Inspired

July 11th, 2018 by

When children start summer vacation, parents face the dilemma of keeping their kids active, both mentally and physically, while simultaneously keeping them entertained, happy, and providing them with the opportunity to take a well-deserved break from traditional schooling. How can we do just that?

Take Advantage of Summer Vacations

Summer is a wonderful time for students to have the chance to explore new areas of interest, without the pressure of deadlines, exams, and parent/teacher conferences. Summer months can be compared to sabbaticals that some adults take over a long career. Sabbaticals are usually the time when adults decide to focus on personal growth and discover new sources of inspiration. If adults understand the importance of taking an extended vacation, then perhaps it’s important parents apply this same logic and encourage their children to spend the entirety of their summer months off undergoing a similar experience – a vacation where they not only recharge and prepare for the upcoming academic year, but also ensure that these 2 months off are spent productively by actively exploring new subjects and learning new skills.

What is Summer Learning Loss?

Summer learning loss describes the loss of academic ability over the summer months. Its effects have been studied by many academic institutions. Teachers and administrators have always put in a considerable amount of effort to encourage students to receive high marks throughout the traditional school year, but for 2 consecutive months afterwards, these same children are ignored and put on the back-burner. Johns Hopkins University found that summer learning loss has an extraordinary impact on the achievement gap. Because this pattern of losing skills learned over the school year is cumulative, it’s important to find ways for our children to take advantage of this time off, so they can return to school without this long break having a significant impact on their education.

How Can I Prevent It?

The key is to find the balance between relaxing and engaging in activities that can promote mental stimulation. For example, fun workbooks or online games that can teach valuable math and reading skills can make the difference between a child that is advancing at a faster rate versus a child that might feel he or she is falling behind. The first half of the summer can be spent encouraging the child to explore areas of interest relevant to him. If he or she really enjoys art, then museum trips, art lessons, or engaging in outdoor arts and crafts activities could be great for improving those skills and making your child feel inspired and excited for the future. The second half of the summer might be spent reading books, learning new words, and improving their academic skills. Children can start the year confidently, knowing that they’re prepared in advance for what’s to come, thus making the transition far easier for the whole family.

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