Preparing For When Your Beloved Nanny Quits

June 13th, 2018 by

We all recognize and understand that life can be chock-full of unexpected occurrences and unusual circumstances. Sometimes, we have to be prepared for the worst.

Nannies, especially the ones who work for us full-time, often become staples in our lives and our children’s lives. Excellent nannies are rare treasures and over time, we begin to rely on them to raise our children to be strong, capable adults during those moments we cannot be present. Those aforementioned unexpected life events can happen to our beloved nannies as well, and if they haven’t been vetted by a nanny agency that requires nannies to be highly responsible and trustworthy, you might find yourself stranded. This is one of the many reasons why the Nanny Authority can serve as a great resource for finding long-term nannies, ones that are accustomed to giving ample notice before moving onto other ventures.

The tips presented below are meant to serve as a guide for when nannies unexpectedly quit.

Left wondering what went wrong?

There is one important thing to remember when your nanny bids your family goodbye. The two of you have established a working relationship, and regardless of whether she grew to become a member of the family, she was still your employee. Because of that relationship, there is no definitive way to understand the underlying reasons behind her leaving. Perhaps she was unhappier than you originally thought, or perhaps she felt she could find a better position with better pay or hours. Regardless, do not let those thoughts engulf you when she announces her departure. It’s now time to move on and move forward with the best decision for your family.

A Game Plan

The first task that must be tackled is your children saying goodbye, if possible. Despite the inconvenience, this can serve as an important life lesson for them as well – they’ll be confronted with times throughout their lives where people are forced to suddenly and unexpectedly leave, so this experience can serve a milestone for them. Perhaps a small party or informal gathering can be arranged where the children can say their thoughts and learn that they will be working with a new nanny once the current nanny leaves. Make sure the nanny addresses the children to ensure that they understand it was no fault of their own. Breaking up with a nanny is no easy thing for a young child to comprehend, especially if she served as a long-term caregiver.

Next, work on finding a nanny replacement as soon as possible. Using a highly respected agency such as the Nanny Authority will help ease the process and ensure you are only meeting highly qualified, thoroughly vetted individuals. For a handful of days before finding your replacement, know that you will be overwhelmed with childcare tasks that your nanny had normally covered for you. Even the most miniscule of tasks will culminate to become one heaping pile of stress. Because of this, spend an hour or two writing down the most important tasks to tackle in relation to your children – this could be anything from extracurriculars and drop-offs to doctor appointments. Once you can see everything that needs to be done, you can feel at ease knowing that you can move forward with a schedule in place.

The Next Nanny

Most likely, you plan to be extremely careful about negotiating contracts with your next nanny. While it’s important to establish a comfortable working environment, it’s just as vital to ensure stability in your children’s lives. Creating a working contract that outlines job requirements when giving notice of leave can safeguard your family from being left helpless.

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