NYC Fun in the Sun Activities for Families June 2018

June 5th, 2018 by

June 1st to June 9th:

The Titanosaur Exhibit: The American Museum of Natural History is featuring the Titanosaur as part of a brand new exhibit, and seeing as June 1st is National Dinosaur Day, there is no better time than this weekend to check out the skeleton of this monstrous beast. Your kids will love it!

Shakespeare in the Park: June means it’s officially Shakespeare in the Park season! Enjoy a classic theatre performance of either Othello or Twelfth Night. Tickets may be somewhat difficult to snag, but the ones who are fortunate enough to get them will be privy to one of NYC’s most famous summer events. There are many locations where tickets can be retrieved, seeing as they’re free, but check out this guide to increase your chances!

Randall’s Island Scavenger Hunt: Randall’s Island will host a family scavenger hunt on Saturday, June 9th from 10am – 2pm. Children will be provided with a map and a compass and families are welcome to explore the children’s course for clues and hidden treasures! There will be a puppet show performance by the Arm-of-the-Sea Theater, plenty of prizes for participating kids, and refreshments.

Stargazing Under Brooklyn Bridge: The Amateur Astronomers Association hosts Thursday evening stargazing sessions at Brooklyn Bridge Park. The event is completely free and tickets are not necessary. Summer is the perfect time to view the stars, and your kids will love getting the opportunity to see them in NYC!

World Science Festival: The World Science Festival will continue to run until June 3rd, so there is still a chance to take your little ones to one of its many apprentice workshops geared towards children. June 3rd will feature a large tour of hands-on science activities across Washington Square Park that your mini-scientists will not want to miss! City of Science is free and open to the public.

June 10th to June 16th:

SummerStage Music Festival: SummerStage is one of NYC’s staples when it comes to summertime entertainment. Featuring some of the greatest artists to date, as well as fresh and upcoming groups and performers, SummerStage is the perfect chance to get your groove on in Central Park with friends and family. All of its free concerts run from June 2 through September 27, so you have the entire summer to enjoy its Summer 2018 lineup!

Rooftop Films: Nothing beats a rooftop view of NYC, and Rooftop Films is the perfect combination of that classic NYC skyline combined with an award-winning film. There are multiple locations featuring many different genres of movies, so check out this calendar and take out your special one on a date night!

The Museum Mile Festival: The Museum Mile Festival, scheduled to take place on June 12th from 6-9pm regardless of weather, is an evening-long art party in which Fifth Avenue is shut down and thousands of people assemble in the streets for one giant celebration! Fifth Avenue is well-known for having a large number of famous museums and for that reason alone, it is a great way to expose those new to NYC to its great collection of art and history! Check out the schedule here.

Mermaid Parade at Coney Island: The Mermaid Parade has been a Coney Island tradition for a few decades, and the June 16th event will be its 36th parade in the making! Kids love the beautiful costumes and over-the-top floats, and parents can appreciate the fascinating mythology behind this famous event!

June 17th to June 23rd:

Kayaking at Hudson River Piers: Celebrate Father’s Day on June 17th with a kayaking trip. No, you don’t need to go all the way upstate or travel across state lines to do so. Check out kayaking on the Hudson River with your father and treat him to a lesson at one of three locations if he’s never done it before! Hudson River Park offers free, expert lessons, and it’s a terrific way to bond with your loved ones.

Renegade Craft Fair: The Renegade Craft Fair has a series of locations across the country and it’s been present in both Brooklyn and Manhattan since 2005. Featuring products from amazing artists, food, live music, and exhibits, it’s a great place to bring the dads in your life, as well as find a great gift for them.

Egg Rolls, Egg Cream, and Empanadas Festival: On June 17th, the Egg Rolls, Egg Creams, and Empanadas Festival will take place from 12pm until 4pm on the streets of Chinatown at the Museum of Eldridge Street. The event is completely free, but it’s best to register to ensure you have a spot at the festival. Enjoy a combination of Jewish, Chinese, and Puerto Rican culture at this truly unique festival.

Bike New York 101 Class: If your child hasn’t yet learned how to ride a two-wheeler yet, take them to a fun, 2-hour biking class to do so! Bike New York organizes a Bike Skills 101 class geared solely towards children, which features trained instructors and a safe environment to practice in. Kids must bring their own bicycle and helmet and it’s a great skill to pick up over the summer! Classes run until June 30th, so hurry before registration is full!

Make Music New York Concerts: On June 21st, Make Music New York will host a slew of concerts at over 400 outdoor venues across the boroughs in honor of the summer solstice. The solstice being the longest day of the year, we highly recommend that you check out as many concerts as you can throughout the city. Featuring over 5,000 artists, there is sure to be someone in this schedule you’re looking forward to seeing!

The Neue Galerie: Now through June 25th, the Neue Galerie, one of NYC’s most famous German art galleries, will feature “pay-what-you-wish” admission to the Klimt Gallery, its most famous exhibit. Take this opportunity to enjoy one of NYC’s most beautiful museums! Plan your visit here.

River to River Festival: The River to River Festival is a free, summer arts festival that runs from June 15th to June 24th. it features amazing performances across dance, music, theatre, and film and takes place at 40 locations across Manhattan. This is a great opportunity to view new artists and be exposed to many genres of art at one time!

June 24th to June 30th:

Unseen Oceans Exhibit: Check out “Unseen Oceans” at the American Museum of Natural History, featuring an amazing combination of robotics, imaging, and satellites all coming together to bring the deep depths of the ocean to life! Your kids will absolutely love the chance to see parts of the ocean they would normally never have access to! The event runs until January of next year, so you have plenty of time to check it out.

Pride March: The annual Pride March will take place on Sunday, June 24th starting at noon, and will be the culmination of many events taking place throughout June. Celebrate love and everything NYC stands for all in one place at Pride. View the route for the historic celebration here.

Spirit of New York Dinner Boat Cruises: If you’re feeling extra fancy this week, we highly recommend taking your family on a dinner cruise on a beautiful, warm summer day! Children of all ages are welcome, and those under 3 years of age receive free admission. Cruises start at Chelsea Piers on the NYC side and operate regardless of whether it’s rain or shine outside.

Coney Island Fireworks: Starting June 22nd, Coney Island will host Friday night fireworks through August 31st. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel around 9:30pm, when the show is scheduled to start, and hope that it stops at the top long enough to get an incredible view of the night sky being lit up by fireworks!

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