How We Screen Families

May 3rd, 2016 by

Nanny Placement ServicesAt the Nanny Authority, it is our mission to match the perfect nanny to the perfect family. There are a great many factors at play when making any good long-term placement, but the most important is compatibility. A nanny must get along with both the children and the parents, which is not always as simple as it sounds.

So, how do we successfully match nannies to families?

A large part of it is screening—of both families and caregivers. Though it’s not talked about as often, the screening process for families is just as important to the placement process as the screening process for nannies.

After all, premier nanny placement agencies build their reputations by being trustworthy; to be trustworthy, they must be sure to do their due diligence on both sides.

How does the Nanny Authority screen families?

  • Most of our families are longstanding clients (some for several generations) or referrals from longstanding clients. The Nanny Authority is a division of a larger agency, which has been in business for more than fifty years. This has allowed us to develop a strong relationship with our clients, and as such we have a unique insight into their family life and the inner workings of their home.
  • Each family seeking nanny placement services must fill out our family application, which asks for all the details of the position, as well as two personal, nonrelated family references. These references allow us to not only screen the family, but also to get a sense of their lifestyle, family dynamic, and neighborhood.
  • When a family first contacts us to start their nanny search, a placement specialist will conduct an in-depth phone call to discuss the position, needs, and culture of the household. This allows us to get a good sense of both the position’s requirement as well as the temperament of the family and the structure of the nanny’s working environment.
  • We also perform a name, address, phone, and business verification of the family, as well as a Google search. This is standard procedure for everyone we work with, from clients to all prospective applicants.

How does the Nanny Authority evaluate the nanny’s work environment?

  • Because we’re a referral agency, we’ve worked with many of our families before. Oftentimes, families will hire a baby nurse from us and then go on to hire nannies for the child as he or she grows. Former employees are typically able to give us valuable insight into the structure and dynamics of the home, which in turn helps us to find the family’s ideal caregiver.
  • The Nanny Authority is part of a larger agency, Pavillion Agency, which places other household staff in many of our clients’ homes. While our placement specialists are trained to work specifically with nannies, our parent company places a variety of domestic staffing positions, such as private chefs, housekeepers, butlers, estate managers, and more. These other staffers provide us with a distinctive perspective into the culture of the household, as it relates to the family as well as the people who work for them.
  • We are also connected to a consulting service through our parent company, which performs on-site visits to help better evaluate a family’s needs. These visits allow us to observe the family’s temperament and the structure of their daily life.

How can I get a nanny position with the Nanny Authority?

The first step toward working with our nanny placement agency is to fill out our online application. Don’t forget to attach your nanny resume! Within a week, one of our placement counselors will review your resume and follow up with you to find out more about your nanny experience and what kind of job you’re looking for. Then, we can begin the search for your perfect nanny position!