How a Nanny can Help with Halloween

October 25th, 2016 by

Getting ready for any holiday can be a stressful endeavor, especially during the Halloween season since there can be a lot of preparation involved. It may be beneficial to make use of part or full-time nanny services to help your family. A nanny can engage children with various crafts or assist parents by running errands to pick-up supplies. Your caretaker can also provide assistance with the following tasks and activities below:

Home décor

The first part of establishing the Halloween mood is decorating your household. Not only can decorations such as the Haunted House Halloween Cut-out or Stylishly Spooky Creatures help set the atmosphere as it gets closer to October 31st, DIY crafts and decorations can be a fun exercise for nannies to complete with children during the day. A fun way to greet trick-or-treaters at your door can be with your own Halloween Candy Door Hanger.

Pumpkin picking and carving

An entertaining trip for the nanny and children can be a visit to the local pumpkin patch, picking out a suitable pumpkin for the little ones to carve and decorate. Make sure to practice a safety-first attitude when pumpkin carving and not let children handle any knives or sharp objects. Nannies should take care to remove the pumpkin guts safely since they can be slippery and can cause falls and injures if dropped on the floor. It is also better to skip the candles for the pumpkin, especially with young children around. Instead, purchase a glow stick or a flameless candle for a similar effect.

Creative games and activities

A nanny can devise imaginative Halloween-themed games to motivate children. In addition to games, one of our favorite (and useful!) crafts is the 5-Step DIY Canvas Candy Tote. From watching “Hocus Pocus” to reading The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Tree, there are all sorts of fun entertainment for children to partake in. Caretakers can help their charges strengthen their literacy skills and have fun at the same time! Some of our favorites can be found here.

Grocery shopping and baking

A nanny can help with shopping for groceries and supplies for the classroom Halloween party to make a parent’s life easier. At home, your caretaker and children can work together as a team to bake healthy and nutritious treats. Carrot “pumpkins” make for a cute, easy and healthy alternative to candy corn and other sugary snacks. Tangerine pumpkins are a popular choice as well, simply stick a piece of celery into the top of the tangerine! Sometimes the school or community will have Halloween events that parents are unable to make it to. A nanny can help fill-in, with the parents’ permission, of course.

Costume preparation

Once parents and children have agreed on a costume, the nanny can go shopping and pick it up. Avoid choosing an over-sized, long, and bulky costume since this can make it difficult for the child to walk and he or she can easily trip. Be careful with swords, canes, and other props as well. If possible, consider face-painting rather than allowing a mask. If your child insists on wearing a mask as part of the costume, make sure the eye holes are big enough to see clearly and that they are able to breathe.


This year, Halloween falls on a Monday. Many working parents might not arrive prior to dark to go with their children so the responsibility may fall on the nanny. However, if nannies can have children dressed, ready to go, and the route mapped out, parents can take them once they get home. All kids should be accompanied by an adult and should wear or carry something that glows in the dark. A nanny can also ensure that children eat a healthy dinner prior to going trick-or-treating. This avoids overindulging in candy and ensuring that children feel full for walking around the neighborhood. Before the children start eating their treats, guardians should inspect the contents of the bag and dispose of stuff they shouldn’t eat. For instance, any unwrapped or unsealed items, including fresh fruit, should be thrown out. Children should avoid hard candy or gum since it could cause choking.

Cold weather can deter outside activities

Unfortunately, the weather can be chilly on Halloween, especially in certain parts of the country. One way to stave off cold weather is to order a costume that is one or two sizes bigger so children can wear a long-sleeved shirt or thin leggings underneath for warmth. Caretakers should remember to grab a sweater or a light jacket in case their charges begins to feel cold and bring hand-warmers.

Remember, Halloween doesn’t have to be stressful, just enjoyable. A nanny is not meant to replace or substitute parental involvement, but rather ensure that children get as much fun out of the holiday as possible. For more great costume ideas, treats, healthy snacks and desserts, crafts and decorations, check out our Halloween board on Pinterest!