A Live-In Nanny’s Impact: Childhood Health and Fitness

April 5th, 2016 by

Childhood Health and FitnessThere are many benefits to having a nanny, whether she lives in the home with you or not. However, live-in nannies tend to have an extra-special bond with the children they care for, in large part due to their constant proximity. They see the kids at all hours of the day, and often their charges grow to think of them as an older sibling or secondary parent.

Living in the home with the family provides a nanny with a unique insight into the kids she cares for. For instance, when the nanny is off-duty but still in the home, she is able to see exactly what the children’s nightly routines are and how they interact with their parents. This information can be invaluable for a caregiver. If a child didn’t go to bed on time, had a tantrum, or fought with a sibling, those things will have an impact on his or her mood and behavior the next day. A nanny who knows what went on during her time off will be better able to adapt to the child’s immediate needs.

Additionally, it can sometimes be difficult for working parents to ensure that their children maintain a healthy lifestyle while they are out of the home. Many parents enroll their children in after-school sports, but what’s a parent to do for kids who are not natural athletes? Between books, video games, television, and homework, sometimes it seems like kids have a million excuses to avoid exercise. This is where a live-in nanny comes in handy!

How Can Live-In Nannies Help Kids Stay Fit?

  • Your nanny can cook healthy meals for the kids. We all know good health and fitness starts with the food we put into our bodies. However, we also know that being a working parent is incredibly difficult! Having a nanny who can cook healthy meals for the kids when you aren’t able to takes a huge weight off your shoulders, and it ensures the kids are never getting takeout or microwave meals.
  • Your nanny can establish daily routines that get the children out of the house. Even bookish, introverted kids love going to the park, exploring the city, or playing in the backyard. Kids thrive with a routine they can count on, whether it’s a midmorning excursion to the park or an hour of free outdoor play after lunch.
  • Your nanny can provide indoor entertainment options that involve physical activity. Nannies are experienced in the art of entertaining children, rain or shine—which means they know a wide range of indoor activities that can keep restless kids busy and happy. Between homemade obstacle courses, makeshift dance parties, and even large-scale art projects, a good live-in nanny has no shortage of ideas to keep kids active, even on a rainy day.
  • Your nanny can engage the children with her own athletic practices. For example, she may be able to teach them to do yoga, dance, or any other active sport she may be involved in. This is beneficial for both the children and the nanny herself! When a nanny lives in, her own health routines may get waylaid from the norm. Live-in nannies typically start early in the morning and work long days. By involving the children in a daily yoga practice, your nanny has the opportunity to keep herself in shape as well as teach the kids how to be patient, relaxed, and mindful.

How to Find a Live-In Nanny

To handle everyday tasks including childhood fitness

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