Live-In Nanny Agency

Job Positions & Services for Families

A live-in nanny resides in the home and provides care for one or more children on a full-time basis. On the surface, it can appear that a live-in nanny has more responsibilities than a live-out nanny; however, because a live-in nanny does not need to commute to perform their duties, greater flexibility and easier transitions between work and play may be possible.

The Benefits of Live-In Nanny Job Positions

Typically, with a live-in nanny job position accommodations are provided so live-in nannies have limited living expenses. This can also benefit families, as they may be able to house a nanny with little effect to their overall living budget. There are many other perks to being a live-in nanny. Depending upon the family, some extra perks include:

  • Use of a car
  • Membership to a health club
  • Weekend trips
  • Plane tickets for vacation or return trips to the live-in nanny’s home town.

Live-In Nanny Expectations and Responsibilities

Live-in nannies typically work five days a week and have two days off. They are provided with a private bedroom. Most live in nannies also have a private bathroom — Many families provide their live-in nanny with a nanny suite which comes with a separate kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living area.

Live-in nannies generally:

  • Get children ready in the morning and take them to school — either by dropping them off at the bus stop or driving them
  • Take children to extracurricular activities
  • Provide meals to children while actively on duty
  • Help children with homework
  • Assist children with bathing and maintaining healthy hygienic habits
  • Organize and maintain children’s bedrooms, closets, and toys
  • Do children’s laundry and maintain their wardrobe
  • Potentially provide light housekeeping services, grocery shopping, etc.

There many advantages to being a live-in nanny — no commuting, job security, a feeling of family, steady pay, comfortable living arrangements and an easier adjustment to children and their families.

Finding a Live-In Nanny for Hire or Available Job Positions

If you’re looking to hire a live-in nanny or are trying to find a live-in nanny job position, it can be beneficial to go through a live-in nanny agency. Here at Nanny Authority, we have a wealth of experience bringing together warm, dedicated, qualified candidates and welcoming, respectful, and generous suitable families. Both nannies and families are thoroughly screened assuring a positive experience and successful relationship for all parties. To find out what we can do for you, contact us online or call us at 973-466-2669.