Vacationing with your Nanny

February 7th, 2023 by

Getting ready to go away for a vacation can be a great opportunity to spend quality time with your children.  A great way to spend one on one time with your children while your family is away is by bringing an extra set of reliable hands with you! While there are some key differences to having your nanny handle school drop-off and manage the children poolside, your holiday can be smooth sailing with pre-travel planning and an open line of communication.

Pre-travel planning and Open Communication

As you get ready to go away with your caregiver, first and foremost it’s important for employers to remember they are responsible for transportation and travel-related expenses for the nanny. This can include airfare, meals, housing accommodations, and any possible outings parents would expect their nanny to accompany their children on. If your nanny typically commutes to and from work, consider the sleeping arrangements you are planning for your nanny while you are away. While some professionals may be comfortable staying in the same bedroom with their young charges, it may be more comfortable for all parties if a private room is provided in your vacation rental or hotel.

If a nanny is being asked to room with a child and they are responsible for the child in the event of overnight wake-ups, this is an expense that should be factored into your pre-travel plans. It’s important to remember while this is a vacation for you, this is a work trip for your nanny. Even if you and your nanny have a close relationship, please keep in mind that your nanny is there to work and while they may love your kiddos, professional boundaries should be maintained and respected so everyone can have a positive experience.

Set yourself up for success by covering some of these key topics before heading on your holiday:

  1. Who will be responsible for discipline when on vacation and is it different than your at-home expectations?
  2. What kind of clothes should be packed for both the children and the nanny in the climate were heading to?
  3. What will downtime look like on vacation? Will there be any evenings when your nanny has off?
    1. Keep in mind here, that if you are going on a 12-day vacation, that is 12 days straight of work for your nanny!
  4. What are the sleeping accommodations and overnight expectations?

Final notes

Have a set shift and clear hours you would ideally like your nanny to cover while you are away. Clear boundaries around schedule can be key in avoiding confusion about who is in charge of checking the baby monitor or waking up the kids in the morning.

If you can, try to book your vacation plans so that your nanny has a weekend or a few days off when you get home. Providing time for your nanny to reset after an extended period of work can help avoid burnout and make it easier to jump back into the regular work week!

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