Tips for a Healthier Holiday From Child Care Professionals

April 7th, 2017 by

The religious holidays of Easter and Passover often bring substantial sized meals, sweet treats, and less physical activity, leaving many parents to wonder how they and their children can enjoy all the delicious foods served during these holiday spring meals without gaining weight. Relax! You can still enjoy the celebration without sabotaging your efforts to eat healthy. Below are tips for a healthier holiday from our child care professionals.

Practice Healthy Habits:

In the days leading up to the festivities, make sure all family members carve out some time for self-care. This includes adhering to a regular routine, not overbooking your social calendar, and keeping to an active regimen. If you plan on attending various events and functions without your children, line up childcare in advance. Additional tips on how to prepare yourself for the holiday season can be located on our website.

Healthy Meal Planning and Preparation:

Make sure that your children eat a healthy snack prior to mealtime, which will help reduce a child’s appetite for unhealthy candy or desserts. Keep in mind that the Seder starts early and runs late so a smart snack, such as peanut butter and apples will fill up your child and prevent him or her from indulging later on. A trail mix of seeds, nuts and dried fruit is an easy, non-perishable option as well.

It’s important to stay hydrated before, during, and after the meal. Stock up on fruits and vegetables and incorporate whole grains wherever possible. Pay careful attention to serving sizes. Half of the plate should be comprised of dark greens, such as spinach, kale, and arugula, a quarter of grains, such as quinoa, and a quarter of protein, such as the white meat from chicken or turkey. The skin and dark meat can double the fat. Don’t skip meals because it becomes likelier that you’ll overindulge. Eat slowly so you can allow your brain to register that you feel full.

Plan for Dessert:

Oftentimes, it’s unrealistic to avoid dessert, especially surrounded by a group of people. When it comes to sweets, the key is to plan ahead and keep portions small. Focus on incorporating healthier options so you don’t end up overeating. PopSugar has a list of Grain-Free Passover Desserts and Easter Desserts appropriate for the whole family.

Navigating Passover:

Despite Passover’s food restrictions, you can still incorporate high-fiber vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, and sweet peppers into your meals to go along with matzah, the unleavened bread. This is symbolic of the Jews leaving Egypt so quickly to escape and not having time for their bread to rise. According to tradition, no other wheat can be consumed.

Strategize the Meal:

If you are celebrating Passover at another person’s house, it’s a good idea to inquire in advance about any food that you plan to bring. Depending on if the family is Ashkenazi or Sephardic, they observe different Passover dietary laws. You also want to check with the other party regarding potential food restrictions or allergies. To facilitate the above, you can even hire a child care professional to look after your kids while you kick-start your holiday by formulating a plan, organizing your menu, writing out your shopping list, etc.

Choose Healthier Options at Easter:

Keep the attention on the family rather than the aspects of exchanging gifts and treats. An Easter basket can be filled with inexpensive toys, such as temporary tattoos, bubbles, or stickers. You can still incorporate some candy but make sure to choose quality over quantity. Dark chocolate candy is considered to be a nutritious substitute as are cut-up fresh or dried fruits. Parents should also consider low-sugar options.


Getting ready for the festivities can be an overwhelming process but it doesn’t have to be. With our extensive background screening process, the Nanny Authority can help assist you during this busy time by pairing you with experienced caregiver for your children. Our live-in and live-out nannies are health-conscious and are able to assist with making sure that your meals are nutritious and delicious. Contact us at 973-466-2669 or on our website for more information today!