Simple Ideas to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Children

February 12th, 2024 by

Looking for creative ways to make Valentine’s Day a day to remember for your kiddos? Check out some of these festive options, below.

In the Home:

Start the day off with a small yet special gift. Maybe this is in the form of a favorite treat or even a new fuzzy friend! Squishmallow, Jellycat, and Build-A-Bear all have some GREAT, themed, stuffed animals.

Later, plan a special meal where you deck out the family or dining room. Try pink, red, and white balloons with streamers near a heart-shaped garland. This can also make for a fun creative activity. Purchase colored paper, pom poms, and string to make handmade decorations. If you dare to take a walk on the wild side then get out the glitter! For younger children, we recommend cutting out hearts beforehand to string together. Do you love perfecting the tiny details? Purchase a heart-shaped ice cube tray so even your water glasses are festive!

Check out these DIY Pinterest ideas:

Can you ever go wrong with heart-shaped foods? For breakfast, try pancakes and add blueberries, sliced bananas, or chocolate chips for a little variety. Make sure to top them off with some fresh strawberries and don’t forget the whipped cream! Later in the day, get baking and make heart cookies that the whole family can decorate. This also makes for a great activity if you want to host a little Valentine’s Day party. For large groups, we recommend you bake cookies ahead of time and then provide frosting and sprinkles for everyone to personalize their treats. For kids who love hands-on activities, try making heart-shaped pizzas. Personalized pizzas are always a nice way to go when everyone in the family has different preferences. Make homemade dough or go with something already premade. Hot tip: pizza on prepared pastry dough is both simple and delicious!

Get matching tattoos! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with temporary tattoos for the whole family! Make sure to get extras so your children can share the joy with their friends too.

Check out these fun options:


For the School Day:

Back on the topic of food… pack a little love-themed school lunch with heart-shaped snacks, sandwiches, or other foods in Valentine’s Day colors like strawberries or watermelon!

If your child’s homeroom is planning to pass out cards or sweet treats, make a fun mailbox to decorate their desks for their friends to put goodies in! Many craft stores have premade mailboxes—this can be a great option for those who prefer just decorating, as opposed to building. For those who like building, get creative! Use shoe or tissue boxes to make your container come to life. For inspiration, check out this link:

Don’t forget their teachers! Nothing says, “Thank you for all you do!” like something crafted from the heart- maybe some chocolates too! Making paper flowers is a fun activity and a great option but if your children are a bit too young to make the flowers, another idea is to paint or draw some. Be sure to sign your work of art!

Check out this link for step-by-step instructions and if you prefer video instructions, there are TONS of DIY flower options on YouTube:

Teachers, have your students write notes of kindness to give to their classmates. This can be as simple as “tell X student one thing you like about them or that they do well.” Even the littlest compliments can go a long way.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to, not only show your loved ones how much you appreciate them but also show kindness to those you may not know so well. Knowing you are loved and appreciated can make anyone’s day brighter!


Try one (or many) of these ideas to make it a special day for the whole family! If you are looking for someone to help bring a little extra creativity to your child’s life, reach out to the Nanny Authority today. Check out our website at or email us at