What Age to Potty-Train Children

May 21st, 2021 by

young child using a training pottyAs many parents know, children can reach developmental milestones and stages at different times. No two children are alike, even when there are older siblings in the home to mimic. Many children indicate their readiness for potty-training between 18 and 24-months, but it is not uncommon for some not to be ready until they’re 3-years-old. There is no rush to begin potty-training your child and in fact, may hinder their success if you begin too early. Read on to learn our tips for successful potty-training.

Is Your Child Ready?

There are certain signs and gestures that indicate your child may be ready to start potty-training. The first hint is your child’s interest in learning more about using the toilet. For instance, he or she might begin asking questions when they see a family member going to the bathroom. Children like to copy adult’s behavior, including bathroom habits. Second, your child can keep his or her diaper dry for at least two hours. Third, but not least, your son or daughter might begin to crave independence and able to express their desire to start using the toilet.

Ready, Set, Go!

It is important to have realistic expectations about the process. Take your child’s lead when beginning the transition. There are a few ways to introduce the topic and increase your child’s comfort level with it, such as bringing it up in everyday conversations and reading children’s books with your son and daughter. Once your child has some sort of awareness, create and adhere to a schedule so it becomes a habit. Encourage your child to sit on the potty every two to three hours, before you leave the house, and before naps and bedtime, whether or not they have to use the toilet.

It is normal, and expected, that your child will have accidents even after they have stopped using diapers. Avoid shaming or putting guilt on your child when an “oopsie” occurs. Your child will likely feel embarrassed so it is crucial to reassure them accidents happen and not to punish them. Offer praise and a minor reward for successful attempts.

Don’t Forget Good Hygiene!

Washing hands should be a routine from Day 1, along with flushing and wiping, even if your child was unsuccessful at using the toilet. It is recommended that everyone wet their hands with warm running water, lathering up with soap, and scrubbing for 20 seconds. One way to make hand washing fun with young children is to use bright and colorful kid-friendly soaps and sing a favorite song.

Our Nannies Know Developmental Milestones!

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