Fun Indoor Activities for Children: On-Location | Part II

January 19th, 2024 by

Being stuck indoors, at home, during these colder winter months can get a bit mundane and repetitive. So, why not plan a special outing for you and the kiddos? Try one (or all!) of the following outings for a nice day of family fun while staying warm!

Museum Visit

Who doesn’t love a day at the museum? Not only are museums educational, but they are also fun (!) AND, chances are, no matter your interests, there is likely a museum right up your alley! From space to bugs or art, animals, history, magic, cars, and beyond—there is something for everyone! Get online to check out what museums may be close to you and explore what each location has to offer.

Many museums provide discounted fees for locals, as well as for children under a certain age. A lot of larger metro areas will often have a child-specific museum, and quite often, larger museums will offer special programs or classes for children. For example, the American Natural History Museum in NYC offers an “Early Adventures Program,” where preschoolers can learn more about the world around them. The Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus offers art and food classes so children can branch out, and the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. has “Undercover Missions” for you to take part in.

A Day at the Pool

Marco! Polo! Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t swim inside. Swimming is a great form of exercise and a wonderful way to release some of that healthy active energy. Try a friendly game of pool basketball or pool noodle races as a way to engage the whole family. Remember to grab swim diapers for the little ones and pack some yummy snacks like oranges or trail mix. It is always important to keep your body well-fueled, especially when active! If you don’t live somewhere with easy access to an indoor pool, many health clubs and gyms have indoor pools and classes!

Escape Room

Did you know that there are escape rooms for all ages? From being trapped on a pirate ship to finding a way out of a dragon-guarded castle, there are tons of fantastical-themed rooms that are exciting but not scary (unless that’s you’re thing!). This activity is great at improving communication, developing problem-solving skills, and building confidence! Check with your local escape room companies to see what kind of experience they can offer: most places share a difficulty rating for each room so you can gauge what fits your family best.

Movie Matinee

Going to the movies during the day is the best way to avoid big crowds while experiencing the fun of going to the theater! Load up on popcorn and your favorite drinks and jump into a brand-new story. For the older children, try something like Mean Girls or, if you have younger ones, why not catch a feel-good film like Orion and the Dark? Movie theatre tip: make your trip extra cozy by bringing your favorite fuzzy blanket or a cuddly stuffed animal!

Pottery Painting

Head on over to your local Color Me Mine and try your hand at painting something new to decorate your home! Painting pottery can be a great way to get those creative juices flowing and enhance fine motor skills; though art is subjective, so who says you have to paint within the lines! After the employees seal your designs in the kiln, your special plate, piggy bank, or other creation, it comes home and becomes the star of any shelf! Pottery painting also makes for a fun and memorable birthday party for all ages. Psst, these also make nice gifts for loved ones.

Create lifelong memories with your family by taking them out for a day of fun while staying warm indoors! Check-in later next month for the benefits of going outside. If you’re looking for someone to help find and plan more activities for your children, email us at today!