Screen Free Activity Ideas: The Quarantine Olympics

January 29th, 2021 by

three children standing on a track field with medals from competitionsWith winter here and the United States (and much of the world) entering new levels of Covid-19 quarantine restrictions, many families, friends, and loved ones will be spending more time together indoors. Inspired by recent viral posts of individuals keeping themselves occupied with regular household items during quarantine, we wanted to bring you a version that the whole family can enjoy! Nannies, are you running out of activities for your nanny kids? This is great for you too.


The winner of each event may depend on whoever can complete the game the fastest and/or whoever is able to complete each event with the least demerits. What’s the prize? We will let that be up to you! Perhaps family dinner and a film and the winner gets the meal and movie of their choice and everything must be prepared for them? Get creative!

Now on to the events!

Quarantine Games

Minefield Game

You will need:

  • 15-30 “Mines” (depending on the space) we recommend using paper plates, bowls or plastic cups. Something small and safe to step on so pompoms or holiday bows (the smaller you go, the more you need)
  • A blindfold (we recommend using a long piece of fabric such as a bandana)
  • Timer
  • Pen
  • Paper


Find an open place in your home without any furniture that will get in the way. Disperse your mines throughout this space. Each player should be blindfolded and spun twice then be able to get through the minefield without stepping on any mines. Competitors have 15 seconds to get through the mind field (we recommend increasing this time with younger contestants). For each mine stepped on, the competitor will receive a demerit, which should be recorded. Remember to shuffle the mines between each competitor’s turn. The competitor with the least demerits at the end wins.

Social Distance Meauring Tape Challenge

You will need:

  • A tape measure


Do you know how long 6 feet is? This requires two people so grab a tape measure and make sure one person holds it with the numbers facing down (no cheating!). The competitor will grab the tip and walk as far as they believe 6 feet would be from the person holding the other end. Once you think you have reached 6 feet, stop and turn the tape measure over to see the numbers. At the end of the competition, whoever was closest to 6 feet wins.

Toilet Paper Bowling

You will need:

  • Toilet paper (or light ball) *
  • 10 cans or bottles for your “pins”
  • Pen
  • Paper


Find a space in your home that is open. Set up your “pins” in a triangular shape (1 pin at the front, then 2, then 3, and 4 in the back row). We recommend standing 10-15 feet away (farther for more of a challenge and closer to make it a bit easier). You will roll the toilet paper at the bottles and get points for every pin you knockdown. Each player goes once per round and we recommend going at least 5 rounds.

* For some added fun, especially for younger children, you can get crafty and let little ones decorate the pins. To make it more educational, label the pins 1-10 and have children add up what they knockdown.

Quarter Sorta Shuffleboard

This can be played on either the floor and table or countertop, as long as there is space for people to sit or stand on either end with space between them. Create a three-square bullseye on the ground (center is 3 points, next is 2 points, the outer layer is 1 point). Mark 5 quarters with a piece of tape and leave 5 blank (these will represent the two team colors). Two competitors will play at a time, flip a coin to see who goes first. Stand or sit at opposite sides of the squares and give yourself some space. Use your finger to slide coins into the center. You can knock your opponent’s quarters out. At the end of the game, count up the points of where each of your quarters has landed and whoever has the most points is the winner. Have a big family and want to make it more competitive? Play tournament styles! The winner of each game plays each other until there is one reigning champ.

The Dollar Snatch

You will need:

  • A dollar bill
  • Extra coins


Slightly less messy than the tablecloth pull, the aim of this game is to pull the bill out from under a stack of coins without making them fall! Start with a small stack and increase the amount until the competitor makes them tumble. Whoever lasts the longest with the tallest stack of coins, wins.

Ninja Challenge (this is a special addition for younger children)

You will need:

  • Ribbons or streamers
  • Tape
  • Timer


Cover a hallway with ribbons (or something similar) and have pieces placed high and low and stretch them across the hallway at different angles. Competitors must get through the hallway by stepping over, under, and around the ribbons. Time how long it takes for each competitor to get through the maze or ribbons and add a demerit for each one they touch or tear down.


Can you think of any more games? Please share them with us.


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Have a very Happy Quarantine Olympics!