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October 11th, 2016 by

Our Nannies Know New York City

There are numerous reasons why parents should look into hiring a nanny that is familiar with their neighborhood or community, especially in a hectic city like New York. In today’s day and age, people can use their phones to plan their routes but there is no substitute for experience or knowledge of the area.

It can be difficult to journey around the city with children and their belongings, especially when the area is new and unknown. When hiring a nanny, parents want to ensure that their caretaker is focused on the children rather than worrying whether he or she is comfortable with their surroundings. Navigating the New York City subway system can be a daunting task and someone who is unprepared will be distracted, easily irritable, and less safety-conscious. Driving through the city can also be a complicated endeavor because a nanny has to pay careful attention to his or her charges in the car, pedestrians, other drivers on the road, weather conditions, all while making sure that they’re going the right way. That is a lot of multi-tasking to handle for a novice in New York City and parents want to make sure that their caretaker is up to the task.

The Benefits of Hiring a Local Nanny Near You

Being accustomed to the neighborhood allows room for creativity and inspiration to flourish. For example, one of our nannies assembled a scavenger hunt around the city, leading to a fun-filled, educational day for the children. Living in the city includes access to many well-renowned museums such as the Museum of National History, the Children’s Museum, and the New York Hall of Science, as well as zoos, gardens, and parks around the five boroughs. A local nanny will know about various activities in your area as well as secret and hidden attractions.

While it’s not a requirement, many nannies are in charge of household management. It’s beneficial that the caretaker is aware of the local grocery stores, laundromats, supply stores, clothing boutiques, and even the neighborhood plumber. Most importantly, the nanny should know the contact information for the family doctor and hospital in the event of an emergency.

For families moving to a new area, hiring a nanny that knows his or her way around the neighborhood can be a great idea. A well-acquainted nanny will be able to take the children to local events, engage in community activities, and schedule playdates with other kids living nearby. He or she will already be established in the area and could also be privy to various nanny groups. Having a nanny familiar with the area is also beneficial for parents because he or she can show them around the area, and point out well-known and popular restaurants to visit.

Start Looking for Your New York City Nanny Today!

A seasoned nanny will know the shortcuts and alternative routes for traveling. At the Nanny Authority, our nannies are well-equipped to traverse city ground while ensuring that your children have an enjoyable and safe experience. Please contact the Nanny Authority at 973-466-2669 for more information today!