How to Be a Better Nanny

September 27th, 2016 by

being a better nanny

Regardless of what stage you are in your nanny career, there is always room for improvement. Below are some tips to help you strengthen your position:

  • Up to date Nanny profile: The Nanny profile should include a sample emergency plan and contact information for doctor’s numbers, parents and grandparents, and emergency services in the area. The profile should also highlight past accomplishments or milestones with children. In addition, many of our nannies bring a “Mary Poppins” style bag filled with age-appropriate crafts. This will help solidify you as a dedicated, proactive, and motivated nanny.
  • Additional Training: It is paramount that the nanny is safety-conscious. Some of the skills and certifications parents look for in a nanny are CPR and First-Aid certification and a degree in early childhood education. Some families also prefer their nanny to be a strong swimmer so look into classes at your local pool or community center to attain a Water-Safety certification. While not all parents expect their nanny to drive, you should still obtain a driver’s license in case things change.
  • Learn a Specialized Skill or Language: Being bi-lingual or attaining specialized skills can promote and help foster new opportunities in your life. One nanny learned how to make organic baby food, attracting new families as a result.
  • Flexibility and Motivation: Occasionally parents will ask you to stay past your scheduled time or to take on additional responsibilities other than childcare. It is a good idea to say yes because small things can make a difference and parents will appreciate your “above and beyond” attitude.
  • Attitude: A good nanny will always maintain a positive attitude around the children, no matter what type of personal day he or she is having. More importantly, the nanny wants to cultivate a connection with the children. He or she will also retain a professional appearance.
  • Interaction with the Parents: Communication and honesty is especially crucial between a nanny and the parents. A nanny should adhere to the child-rearing style of the parents and exhibit sound judgement when enforcing the rules. It is also essential that the nanny keeps the parents updated on any daily happenings or milestones. One of the ways to accomplish this is to keep a daily log of your charge’s activities to show the parents at the end of the day.
  • Respect Boundaries: While the nanny and family should feel comfortable together, the key is to keep an emotional distance as well. It is wise not to discuss personal matters such as marital problems, financial issues, etc. A good nanny will also preserve the confidentiality of the employing family and not engage in gossip with any outside parties.
  • Childcare trends and ideas: Keep it fresh! In today’s day and age, childcare trends are always evolving and it is up to you to make sure that you stay on top, if not ahead of them.

The Nanny Authority Difference

Here at the Nanny Authority, we maintain consistent contact with our nannies to ensure that they are adhering to the above practices as well as offer additional educational tips and support when necessary. Our nannies are dependable, proactive and strive to be the best nanny that they can be. Contact us today at 973-466-2669 to explore your options today.