4 Ways to Make Your Home-Based Learning Easier in Your Family

March 26th, 2021 by

Mother homeschooling daughter and son at tableLast year, many families were forced into remote learning with little to no preparation. After an initial adjustment period, parents and children found themselves settling into the new routine. The keys to their successes can be found below!

1. Set-up an Organized, Efficient Workspace

Families learned very quickly that a small New York City apartment is not the best area for home-based learning, especially when there are other things going on in the apartment. While learning does not need to take up a full bedroom, a playroom, etc., it is beneficial if there is a dedicated space set aside to studying. This helps promote organization, avoiding any confusion about where the supplies and books are.

2. Envision Your Long and Short-term Goals

Individuals are likelier to achieve their goals if they are broken down into small, measurable steps. Set a calendar reminder to evaluate and adjust the objectives as necessary. Prior to setting any objectives, work with your child to set learning targets for the year, month, and semester. This will help keep all parties on track to meet (and hopefully exceed!) their educational goals for the year. Our column on helping children do well in school can be found here.

3. Establish a Schedule (But Remain Flexible!)

Families should take into account their routine when creating a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. Parents should also take into account when their children learn best, i.e., are they a morning person? Night owl? Depending on the child’s age, parents can allow them to structure their day on how they want to best utilize their time. Do they want to start with difficult tasks or ease into the day? One of the advantages to establishing a home-based curriculum is the scheduling flexibility it offers. Everyday activities can be used as teachable moments so children do not have to spend the entire day in front of a screen or by their workspace. If you and your child want to take a break from indoors one day, head to the museum! Not only is it an educational activity, it promotes family bonding.

4. It Takes a Team

To achieve the best chances for success, it is important to get the whole family involved. Learning a new subject or starting a new bobby together can make for an excellent family activity. Home-schooling can be an isolating affair for parents and children so people shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to other family members, friends, and teachers for support. They can provide insight and guidance, as well as offer new perspectives on helping your child learn. In the same way that communication is crucial to success in the classroom, open dialogue is key to fostering success at home.

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