4 Self-Care Activities for Children to Enjoy!

April 12th, 2021 by

Relaxed mother and daughter exercising Yoga in the morning at home.Teaching children healthy self-care habits from a young age has positive effects on their overall development and future well-being. It helps them self-regulate their emotions, establish positive habits, and improve relationships with their family, friends, and others around them. The best habits are ones that can be practiced regularly, such as the ones we listed below.


Stock Up on Coloring Books, Pencils, Markers, etc.

Coloring books are wonderful stress-relievers, even for adults! Coloring is recommended by many occupational therapists because it helps build and strengthen fine motor skills. It also has a calming effect on children because they concentrate on completing the picture rather than a stressful event or situation. Since it promotes relaxation, it can be a good activity to incorporate into the ‘wind-down’ routine.


Setting Up an Exercise Routine

Exercise is an easy way to get the whole family involved! Something as easy as going to the park and/or playground can be an instant mood-booster. There are also many beautiful trails outside of the city that families can take a long walk or hike on. You can even practice exercise indoors on a rainy day, such as purchasing yoga mats and watching the class on your television or off the phone.


Encourage Journaling

Writing in a journal is an excellent way to practice mindfulness! It helps process and communicate emotions, manage stress, reduces anxiety, and importantly, simply be enjoyable.


Develop a ‘Wind-Down’ Routine at the End of the Day

Sleep is integral to taking care of ourselves. Every individual is different but the ideal start time for winding down to go to sleep is 1-2 hours before the scheduled bedtime. A regular sleep schedule is important to ensure consistent, good rest throughout the night, which sets up success for the next day. This means dimming the lights, turning off any electronics, and avoiding any stimulating noises or activities. Evenings can be a way to foster connections with your child, whether it is reading a book together or talking about how their day went. It’s often the little things for children!


Contact the Nanny Authority for Additional Assistance!

It’s important for parents to take care of themselves as well. Our tips for parents can be found here. An additional pair of hands never hurt either! Hiring a nanny can have many benefits for families, including serving as a positive role model. Our placement specialists are here to help and can be reached via our contact form and at 973-466-2669.