Nanny vs. Daycare

December 2nd, 2022 by

Nanny vs. Daycare: What’s going on in childcare and why does it matter?

Is hiring a nanny right for my family?

Well, let’s find out! With the dramatic shift in the workforce since the beginning of the pandemic, no industry has gone unaffected – childcare included. For many families, in-home childcare has become an increasingly more attractive option when weighing the option of a nanny vs. daycare for their little ones.

Having in-home care provides parents with childcare that can work with their scheduling demands, offers 1:1 attention to children, and in some cases, a developmentally savvy professional is within arm’s reach to offer a unique set of skills and expertise as they journey on the adventure of a lifetime most commonly known as, parenthood. Industry-wide, there has been a massive uptick in in-home professionals being hired as families work to limit their children’s exposure to evolving strains of COVID-19. In-home care provides opportunities for not only working parents but also for new families learning to navigate life with a newborn as well as creating space for parents to provide more individualized time for their children when raising multiples.

Hiring in-home professionals ensures that care is solely focused on your children in a safe environment that works for your family’s specific needs. An in-home professional can offer the flexibility of travel and homework assistance you may not be able to find in certain after-school programs. Children can have the vital social experiences they need during group outings, coordinated playdates, and small library, music, and art classes attended by other children in their age range.

Why would someone want to work with my family?

Why wouldn’t they?! Your family is kind and warm and your children are great! For many educators, the draw towards working as an in-home care provider can be for a lot of the same reasons you may be looking to hire.

  • COVID-19 safety
  • Individualized and curated attention
  • Flexibility in schedule
  • Opportunities to travel with your charges and see the world together
  • Utilize their skill set in childcare with the smaller-scale attention, respect, and admiration you’d always hoped for
  • Stability and longevity (we hope!)

What about daycare?

We have seen countless businesses close during the pandemic and childcare centers are no different. The number of licensed childcare facilities has significantly dropped due to businesses’ inability to stay afloat. For those who are able to stay open, families who rely on daycare and nurseries can find a structured school setting in their community. Daycare can provide the peer experience that some families hope for early on and children are able to walk into kindergarten more aware of what they should expect from an early childhood and early elementary environment.

What is right for my family?

Ultimately, only you can answer the questions you need to about hiring an in-home professional or if you prefer to enroll your children in daycare. Hiring private childcare allows for more targeted 1:1 care, and the Nanny Authority is your go-to if this is the route you chose. Ready to take the first step? Get in touch with us regarding your job search today by emailing or calling us at (973)-466-2669.