Fostering adventure in your own backyard

June 27th, 2022 by

nanny taking her child on a walkBeing a nanny is the most rewarding job and comes with its own unique set of challenges and triumphs. Any good childcare provider will tell you that routine and consistency are key with little ones in order for them to thrive. While this is true, what happens when you’re day-to-day feels a bit TOO routine?

Finding the magic in your own backyard, city, and neighborhood can open your little one’s eyes to how expansive their community really is and how different cultures are able to coexist side by side. Always make sure you and your nanny kids’ parents talk before changing a child’s routine or bringing them somewhere new. As long as you and your nanny family are on the same page, breaking out of your normal routine can add the excitement and adventure that you and your littles may be seeking!

Here are our top ways to jump-start your stay-venture:

1. Visit a new neighborhood you’ve never been to before!

If you live in a busy metropolis there are bound to be a few places you have yet to explore. Immerse yourself in a new neighborhood and experience a culturally different/ new area and try some new foods!

2. Go on a child-led walk

Give the children the reigns and let them decide where you go on your adventure! For older children, let them look at a map and let X mark the spot. For younger children and toddlers, venture to a new park or playground and let them lead the walk and explore at their pace. Do not rush children and let them take time to examine and explore.

3. Find local events

Does your neighborhood have a seasonal jazz concert series? A summer carnival? Children’s Shakespeare in the park? Find something brand new to you or out of your everyday routine to experience with your kiddos. Here are some fun NYC based free summer concerts!

4. Take a new mode of transportation

Has your little ever taken the train with you? If not, this is a fun and engaging way to travel to your destination and the memories are priceless. Live somewhere where you can access a ferry? Hop aboard! Lucky enough to have a tram or gondola nearby? Take in the land from a different perspective!


5. Follow your stomach

Are your kiddos adventurous eaters? Pick a cuisine and a corresponding neighborhood to explore food you may not eat on the regular with your nanny kids. Have you had the opportunity to introduce your little ones to your personal culture and heritage? Bring over your own favorite foods from your childhood or a nearby restaurant and read a story while snacking on the sweets and treats you enjoyed as a child!

6. Be a tourist for the day!

Locals never really love having to navigate the morning commute with tourists snapping photos, but what if you were the tourist today? Pick a local landmark you’ve never been to and explore a museum you wouldn’t naturally visit! A reminder that many of these locations have discounts for residents and often have free admission for children.


BONUS: When traveling with your nanny family, research ahead of time!

If your employer is taking you with them on vacation, take the initiative to research some child-friendly adventures ahead of time. Are their local museums that cater to children? Any local events going on? Does the hotel/ resort have child-centered activities? Show your nanny family what a pro you really are and offer up some ideas ahead of time.


There are so many ways to create adventure at home with a little bit of creativity and planning ahead.


Looking for a Nanny who takes initiative and engages your child with creative and fun adventures? Are you a Nanny looking for a family who loves spending time out of the house, seeing new places, and trying new things? We would love to help you find your ideal fit! Email us today at and inquire about working with us today.